My cousin and me

I am 24 yo and my cousin is 39 and she got divorced last year and I guess she is hungry for a nice f***. I started to think that she is flirting me with her word. For example, she is telling me "I will buy you condoms for your bd" or "I will make a c*** sock but I need to know the size" such sentences. I told her my size and she just smiled with a happy face. Once she changed her jeans infront of me so she let me saw her ass with underwear. And once we watched a movie togethet and I spooned her and she was fine. She also let me play with her hair sometimes. Is she into such games just for fun or she really wants to f*** with me? How can I learn what she has in her mind? Any opinions? Thx

Jan 22, 2018

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  • You should again watch a movie and spoon her. At that time push you d*** and see her reactions ... OMG I WANT TO BE YOU AND F*** HER

  • Just f*** the b****

  • I want to but this is too risky. I donno what I will do.

  • At that age a woman wants just to f***. Let her catch you masturbating, and when she ask what you're doing, tell her you're thinking of her while doing it. Most woman gets sopping wet when they catches a guy playing with his d***. Trust me on that one. Wish i were you.

  • I want to f*** her in doggy and hit her cervix with the big head of my c*** and scream my name everytime I insert b**** deep.

  • Ok next time I Will do that. Are we sure that she wants to f*** ?? She is a conservative woman, so maybe she just wants to play games by talking?

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