Stripped naked

I was at school once it was my 2 nd day of school and some bigger students told me that every first year they meet they would strip (boy). Next thing,they grabbed me and pulled off all my clothes and lifted me high up such that the people there could see me and my d***. I had an errection and the older boys laughed. They said that I had no hair at my d*** yet so I was lucky,as they said that they would f*** them in the toilets. They said that they would come and find me once a month to see if I had hair on my d*** or not,when they could f*** me. They told me to meet them at the toilet after school everyday,or they would find where I was the next day and strip me no matter where I was.

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  • I was very bullied in High School. I was a little guy standing 5' tall 98 lbs. Nothing I could do about it except survive it.

  • Me too. Maybe why I just randomly distract my self on the internet. I'm a girl btw. I came to this new high school and didn't know anyone and I was and still are pretty shy. So I was pretty lonely. I saw the "in" groups and was envious. One day one of the popular girls came and sat beside me. I was usually that girl who sat at the edge of the classroom. We had these desks where two people sat side by side but usually I was on my own. It was so nice to be recognised. Then she put her hand on my knee and slid up under my skirt. I was petrified. Frozen. At the end of class she said to come and sit with her group at lunch. I soon learned my role was basically their slave. To keep my place in the group I had to do what they said. From getting food from the cafeteria to doing homework. I tried to resist and the queen bee said if I didn't want to be in the group I could go back to be on my own. Let's try it and see she said. She put the word round and for the next few days no one said a word to me. I was totally ignored. By just a few days I was desperate to be back in. So I put up with being their slave and this included being touched up and kissed by them and any of the boys that they hung with. I walked this tightrope of existence between having people to be a part of and being just a nothing.

  • My parents used to make me and my sister eat breakfast in our undies so we wouldn't mess our school uniform.

  • How old are you now and are you a boy or girl...

  • I'm 45 now. I'm a boy.

  • I went to boarding school in the late 70's through to 83. On one occasion I was made to do pushups in the nude. On another occasion I and some friends made another boy run across the oval in the nude.

  • How old were you..

  • High school. 12 to 16

  • Poor kid and when was this.....

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