Sissy Cuckold

I told my girlfriend how I had cross dressed since a young age. She then bought me cloths and had me cross dress every day when home. After I had been dressing for some time, she told me since I was a sissy girl she liked to have s** with real men. She started seeing men for s** on weekends then it went to week day evenings. Now she has s** with three to four guys every week. Some times she stays over night with them. This has been going on for the last four years. I beg her to not stay over night with them. She tells me she will always come home to her sissy boy and tell me everything they did. I am hooked on masturbating knowing she is having s** with men. When she gets home I m********* again as she tells me all about the s** she had. Then she makes me eat my mess as she humiliates me saying, some day she will make me suck a mans c***. B.I.P.

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  • I love to dress in my wife's cloths too, and she has no problem with it. She had lovers also.

  • I love f****** sissy's. I'm 60 with a fat 8in c***. The one I'm f****** at the moment is 35, his wife lets me f*** her as he watches. He sucks my c*** clean and later I f*** him.

  • That sounds hot! I love dressing up in my wife's clothes when she is out and use her d**** in my ass. Her d**** is bigger than me, it's 6 inches and I'm only 4.5 at best. We're both 29 and sometimes fantasise during s** that the d**** is another guy. I know I would get jealous watching her f*** another guy when I know I need a good f****** too.

  • I'd love to make you jealous and then f*** you and finish in your mouth as you wife tells you what a sissy b**** you are. You will then get us drinks dressed in your girly clothes and I will f*** your wife again and you will lick us both clean and get a spanking if you don't do it well but I will spank you anyway

  • Hi. I posted the bit you replied to, not the guy below. That sounds super hot. I would be so jealous then I would suck you as best as I can until you c**. I am a sissy b****, f*** me and my wife good. I'm 5'8, medium build, short brown hair, 4.5" skinny c***, fully shaved. My wife is 5'4, curvy hips, 34E, fully shaved but she changes it up. She loves wearing 6" heels so she is taller than me. I would love to see you rip her clothes of her and f*** her good like I never could.

  • Were are you based. I want to f*** you both

  • We're in the Leicester. We had s** last night and I told her about getting a guy with an 8 inch d*** to f*** her, she loved the idea, then I said he can f*** me too no I'll suck him off. She got so wet! She got her heels on and f***** my ass with the d**** but I want the real thing. Would you f*** me bareback and fill me with c**, the shove your massive d*** in my mouth to clean it before you stretch my wife's c***?

  • I'm in Birmingham so not so far. When?

  • Oh yes, several times over a few hours as well as dealing with your wife.
    I wil bare back your area, I wil sreatch it till you scream and you little c*** explodes like the little birch you are,

  • Yes Sir, I would like that. You know me all to well. Thank you Sir.

  • Thanks for trying to jump in her. Maybe start your own conversation?

  • B...S... I am BIP the one who wrote this and you get your own conversation quit using mine pervert!

  • Why don't you lick the c** out of my ass? We can play with each other's little willies while our women get f***** by real men.

  • What do you and you wife look like, all the details. I want to f*** you both and humiliate you you sissy little b****

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