My wife and I have been married 20

My wife and I have been married 20 years. I never dated another woman. I have never had s** with any other woman (really). She had s** with one other guy when she was seventeen and never saw him again. I regret not having had s** with at least one other woman in my life before we got married.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Really? Pal if I were blessed enough to have that kind of a relationship with a woman, I would spend at least an hour a day for the rest of my life letting her know how much I love her and much I value her friendship and love (in one way or another)

  • it all feels the same

  • Then have s** with another women now.

  • Do you love her? If you don't, then go for it, but if you do, once the fun is over, you might be in so much pain, because you have destroyed something beautiful.

  • We always want what we can't or don't have. And how many people get that one thing and say- it wasn't what I thought it would be?

  • You're missing out! The world is a banquet, and life is so temporary. I mean if you're happy then ignore me, otherwise, do what you have to!

  • One hole is much the same as any other.

  • F** alert !!

  • I will only say that, time bring us in such a position that you dnt know what is right or wrong

  • I know your situation well. I too have only had s** with one woman, my wife of 16 years. I wonder, but the reality is while some s** partners may be a better match than others, I'd rather have the consistency of 1 partner. I am so comfortable with my wife. I lay nude next to her every night, give her backrubs while in the nude. I massage her head to toe, in the buff. My jewels just hanging out, rubbing all over her. She enjoys it, and me to. We both get something out of it, because we're so relaxed. You just can't get that with a short term relationship. It takes a long time to work up to that comfort level with a partner like you get when married a long time. I would not want anything different. 1 woman, 1 wife and 1 s** partner, all the same person.....its a really great thing!!

  • Dude you're not missing out on much.

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