I'm lazy

Every day after I come home from work I go shower and sit on the couch and watch tv. My wife Then brings me my dinner and I sotnthere and eat while she pulls down my pants and strokes me off. Then when I'm done dinner I sit there and watch tv and relax and pay no attention to her as she strokes me off. Then o lean back on my lazyboy and spread my legs wide. She knows then I'm ready for a b******. So she gets on her knees then and sucks me off for as long as I want. This happens ever day I work as she's sucking me off o tell her about all the hot girls I have seen during the day at work. And what I would like to do to them and not her. Then as I'm about to c** I make her j*** me off till I.c** on her face. And usually I moan out her best friend's name while she does this. Then I tell her to finish the dishes and go back to watching t.v.

Feb 15, 2018

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  • Good way to keep her in line. Good work.

  • Dreamer

  • Nope. In have a submissive wife who I make alot of money for and enjoys pleasing me as gratitude

  • Haha stupid.

  • It's a confession. Don't care if you think it's stupid.

  • So fake

  • Far from it

  • You are a j***

  • Why? For asking her to do things i want. I do all the things she wants why can't I have all the things i want. I've always gotten what I wanted from her because I asked and because I've given her everything and anything she wanted. So your the j*** for not asking your partner

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