Knobble husband

I want to find a drug to make my husband impotent.

The best s** is when he stimulates me with his finger or tongue. He is used to me making him wait. I just love being in control. I tease him and string him out making him wait for several weeks and sometimes over a month. I have been teasing him that I want to see him hold off for several months. See I don't need that part of him. His tongue and finger are much better.

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  • I agree. I’m not impotent yet at age 54; however I’m on my way. My erections are not as rigid but rather flacid anymore. I prefer to watch my wife orgasming to my fingering and tonguing. We love 69. We have always loved it. I used to finish her by intercourse but I can’t anymore. She says I’m not hard enough. She got me a vibrating d**** to finish her up. She taught me how to use in in her. It’s wonderful how she knows when to change the rhythm and angle of penetration. I also like to watch her use it in herself. She closes her eyes for long periods while she masturbates. I asked her what was she thinking of. She confessed she thinks a younger man f****** her hard with his hard rock erected c*** as I used to in the past. It’s weird but we both have fantasies of a threesome with a younger guy.

  • My wife is the opposite. She avoids foreplay and wants me to go straight to intercourse. She seems to enjoy it but nothing like in the old days when we use to touch one another for hours and most of the time didn’t even got to intercourse.

  • Yeah there are some women who want to go just to p in v s**. I miss foreplay!

  • My friend's husband can't get an erection without an inyection. It's a medical condition. They had four children but s** never happened naturally. She treats him bad. She even cheated on him once. My husband and I have talked a lot about it. Both of us feel pity for him. We both would like to find a way to make him feel appreciated and truth be said I think my husband have thought that I could be with him but ha hasn't dared to open up with me. I don't know what arouses me more: the thought of being with my friend's husband or the thought of my husband wanting me to be with him. Before venturing on risky business I decided to test the waters. We do a lot of things together, both couples are empty nesters and rely on one another. I'm dressing more family style when we're together, you know I'm less careful to cover up when we spend the night over and I'm really loving it.

  • My wife also prefers to be licked out because that's how she has the strongest o******, so that's what I do. I then get my satisfaction by masturbating while she watches. It's just about fulfilling each other's needs and accommodating each other. For instance she likes having her bum licked, and I really enjoy licking her after she has had a wee. So we do these things for each other.

  • What you need to do is cuckold him get an alpha lover who can use his c*** really well on you, introduce this to the relationship, it will tease him and humiliate him, it sounds to me he would be happy for this.
    And to be fair you need a real c*** that fulfil you 😘😘

  • You should be reported. Unknowing giving your husband drugs. Wtf is wrong with you weirdo

  • My wife does the exact same thing. I love to please her with my tongue and fingers. Then I usually get to “wait till later” which means next week.... Love HER.

  • You are a selfish c*** and he should divorce you.

  • Place him in Chastity and own the key to his cage.
    You will be in oral heaven forever hon.

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