Teen Girl Boarding school Abroad

I was sent off to boarding school in Europe in the mid-80's. I was an 11 year old tomboy with blond hair and blue eyes, tall and skinny. My mom remarried a rich man and she wanted me to have the proper education and etiquettecy that a female should acquire. When we arrived my parents met with the Head Dutchess, who was the Head Leader of the school. After a few minutes I was asked to enter the room and many rules were explained to me in front of my parents. I would be required to wear a uniform at all time that required dress or skirts. The school provided all my clothing per my parents tuition, room and board fee. After the rules were explained my step dad was asked to leave as I would go thru there routine physical. The school nurse came in and I was asked to remove my clothing. My mom says for me to hurry up and remove my jeans and t-shirt. I do as she says and I am standing in front of the nurse, my mom and Head Leader in only my bra and panties. The nurse says I have to remove my bra and panties as well. It's been awhile since I have been naked in front of my mom and at this time my mom says she will wait outside for them to finish my exam. When my mom leaves I am asked to remove my bra and panties again. I do as I am told and answer the questions being asked of me. They asked if I had already period and I replied in the negative. After my exam was over I was given a complete set of clothing. The bra was very lacy and the panties covered very little of my feminine anatomy. The Head Leader says the rest of my uniforms are in my room along with all the other items I would be needing or using. I was asked to say good bye to my mom and step-dad for I would not be seeing them for 6 months. I went to give my farewell and I was then taken to my room. My roommate was a year older than me. She showed me the rest of my uniforms and where my underclothes were kept. I was surprised by all the lacy bras in different colors and skimpy panties along with the sleepwear. I asked my roommate if we are required to wear these and she replies yes when we turn in for the night everyone has to be in a nightie during dorm check at 9 in the evening. I have never worn things like this before and everything of mine covers hardly anything on me. The nighties are short and the panties are skimpy. Luickliy the school is an all girl school so I should have no issue with guys. After 4 years it ended up not being such a bad school and I learned quite a bit about becoming a Independent young female.

Feb 21, 2018

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  • You there and Im not going too say we're or when. I'd worked in a boarding school for girls eight and up many years ago. I got too see so much p**** from all ages. Some willing and some needed little encouragement. My favorite was eight to thirteen and there was these two twin girls. They were eight when came in and within six months I'd had them bough at least once a week. I'm now married and have two daughters. Their eight and ten and so sweet and sexy...

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  • They weren't hot on spelling or was english not the language?

  • Are you there hun. I wish i was in your school. I would have took care off you. I'm a retired teacher and smacked a few bums in my time.....

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  • Were you out of that school by age 16? what did you do then?

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  • Nice school

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