So basically I am stuck in the past and cant go foward I am a 20 yr old female who already has a family and I cant move on what do I do?

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  • I knew I was right. You didn't need to point that out. : )

  • Right anyway moving on you f** ass losers !!!!

  • LOL She already has. Her life is a wreck. : )

  • Life is like a road that has many different roads leading off of it. If you keep looking in the rearview mirror you're going to miss your chance to turn and eventually crash.

  • ^ LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nice try.

  • Well actually it really dosnt because that Confession was a FAKE I had to do it for a college psycology class, so in reality people who know nothing of one another will argue just to try and prove their point, so in all actuality you guys were just my dumb little test subjects and I was able to manipulate you you poor pathetic saps!!!!! anyway thank you so much for participating I am sure you guys made my project a sucess even though you guys have nothing in your life and I am soon to have my masters degree and a bomb ass career lined up, so in the END i WIN :0)

  • Clever? (No, it's not 'cleaver' you numb c***)
    I don't do clever.

    Have fun living in the past, you hate-filled, sarcastic, walking puppy mill.
    No wonder you're living in the past. I'm sure you've driven away everyone who even tries to like you.
    Must really SUCK to be part of your family.

    : )

  • Right, go f*** yourself you couldnt think of anything more cleaver to say what a weak minded thing you are..... I am sorry!!!! that you even exsist in this life.

  • Everybody chill out! Celabrate the season, enjoy your family while you can.

  • You're welcome. Go f*** yourself. : )

  • You people are so stupid I dont even know why I botherd confessing here, I should have known this was a place full of unitelligent JERKS like yourself..... Have a WONDERFUL life you no good for nothing, dirty exscuse for a man or women...... LAME!!!!

  • I'm gonna side with no.1 here. If you'd said all that in your confession, he woudn't have said what he did. But with what you wrote... I think he nailed it!

  • 1st commentor: You suck.

  • You low life scum ,you must be the most unintelligent thing I have ever came across in my life time, you took MY confession out of the correst context and missed the point what I meant was I LOVE my family to the end of the world and would NEVER change anything for nothing but I cant get out of the past in the way of thinking about it. So before you leave a comment on someone elses confession take a look at your life you ecotistical, moronic mistake for human life!

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