i'm 23 and never gone on a date and i

i'm 23 and never gone on a date and i feel like im missing out. i cant understand why i cant get a date. i wonder what love would feel like.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • I use the net to line up women before I travel, I get plenty and have a great time, they have fun travel with me live in good hotels andwe s*** like rabbits and there is no commitment..............win win all good.

  • go to a party and get drunk. something will happen to you. you just might not remember

  • Internet dating sites are there for girls like you who are in need of dates without actually going out and finding them. You also get to know the person, at least a little, before you have to sit down to dinner, or whatever, with them so you probably wouldn't feel so awkward.


  • It'll will happen, and it's of no fault of your own, so ignore the sad f***** who commented at the top.

  • bull s***.. i was 23 and still hadn't kissed anyone. it will happen eventually. and when it does embrace it fully

  • are your rents that strict?!?!

  • have u ever kissed a guy even?

  • Are you shy?mabye you do the asking out and be agressive.

  • Could it be because you look like 30 miles of bad road?

    Fat with horrible body odor and facial hair?

    S***** attitude?

    Maybe you should look at YOURSELF. It's unnatural to be 23 and never to have went on a date.

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