Wtf hubby

So I've come to terms with this. Now. Awhile back I came home from work early and found my husband getting double teamed. I couldnt believe it. But the worst part it was two tranny hookers. I walked in the bedroom to find him on his back legs spread getting banged on one end and head over the bed getting throated hard. Do after a few months now I'm better about it. And because of everything I've desided to stay with him. On one condition, that at any time I want I can bend him over and ram a huge strapon up his ass and make him feel bad about the whole thing.

Mar 2, 2018

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  • Lucky guy...

  • You have her tell you how she got f***** when she comes home? You clean her up?

  • You need a real man to f*** you

  • I had a similar experience. I came home and my wife was on her knees naked, getting f***** by a black man, he big t*** swaying as he f***** her. They didn't see me, I was angry but had a hard one I filmed them then hide in the garage.
    When he left I walked in she went to kiss me I pushed her away and told her I had seen them. She begged for forgiveness, I bent her over and f***** her up the a***, calling her a fat slang.
    The next day I bought a big black strap on. I text her and told her to be naked when I got home. I put the strap on on forced her legs back and forced my c*** into her a*** and th dodo into her c*** and f***** her, I spanked quickly but carried on banging her c*** will h the d****, tellingher I will now only f*** her a***.
    When she goes out now I write fat slang around her areola and black hole above her slit and when she comes home She has to give me details as I f*** her a***

  • That’s not punishment! Bet he enjoys it! I know I would!

  • I wish I was your husband!

  • I would goadly let you f*** me with your stapon!

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