Cheating on love of my life

Me and my girlfriend have been going out a couple of months . Very early into the relationship ( around 2 months ) she fell pregnant . We now have a gorgeous baby girl. For the past few weeks we haven't been getting on and our arguing has been getting gradually worse. We put it down to tiredness and none of us considering how the other one feels . We were making each other feel down . So after we had argument one weekend I went out , got drunk and slept with a girl . It's the biggest regret ever and I feel so guilty , we have had a talk and decided we're gonna try and not argue anymore . I'm not going to tell her what happened but I hope she doesn't hear it off anyone else . I'm racked with guilt and love her to bits . It may seem selfish but I'm trying to forget about it and hoping everything will be ok .

Jul 20, 2014

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