I'm 21 female. Slim 5"5' 110. I don't know why but I get so wet when I see on man in his 50s. I think about him in many ways as I suck him off. Or if he's with his wife or gf and how she probably doesn't do that for him and I feel bad because he probably needs it. I wish I had the nerve to go up to an older man in public and ask him if he would like to go back to hos car so I could suck him off. I would swallow every drop for him.

Mar 6, 2018

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  • No guy would say no to a no strings attached b******. Just ask. We wont be offended. And we wont embarass you

  • Go for it! No attachments! Most likely disease free and knows how to use it

  • You’re welcome to suck me to heaven any time 😜

  • Wish you were looking at me lady

  • I’m in my fifties and wouldn’t refuse an offer like

  • This is every middle aged man's dream

  • That's so hot good girl gotta try that one day

  • I'm a man in my 40s and there is this woman in her 20s who just started at my place of employment. She told me the other day how she likes to be f***** hard when she gets drunk. She also tells me that I am old. Basically she flirts with me one second and then gives me crap the next. I think she wants to f***, but with the age difference I can't be sure. So I don't make advances as I don't want to be wrong and get fired. My advice is to not play games. If you want to f*** a guy older then you, then do it. Make yourself clear what you want and what you expect. Mixed signals just don't cut it in today's world.

  • Don't go for it. There are many women outside of work. You can risk your job, especially moreso nowadays.

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