When I was in the army I met a woman with an interesting story

This woman was born after a failed relationship. Her father abandoned her mother without marrying her and getting child support from that deadbeat was not easy. In the meantime, her mother met another man whom she eventually married. The man was selfish and he did not want to support another man's child. Throughout her childhood, the girl was told that when she turned 18 she would have to leave.

Her stepfather if you want to call that a****** that had two children with her mother.

OK, she was about to turn 18 and after she graduated high school she joined the army. This is where I met her. She wanted to learn a trade before she left the military and she ended up doing secretarial work for her superior officers. She ended up serving twenty years in the army and then she

She met a man while serving in the army and after a brief courtship she married him. He went to work as soon as he himself retired from the service. They both had twenty years in the military and both were drawing government checks.

They both went to work at the VA hospital in Dallas TX.

During all this time she had heard not one word from her mother. Not one word from her half brothers. The lady gave up on them and quit writing many years before she left the army.

OK, this married couple has a nice thing going. Two retirement checks and a government paycheck. Two great kids and a decent happy if not perfect life.

Out of morbid curiosity, she called a former friend that she had known when she was living in Georgia. Her stepfather is an alcoholic without a job and his children are both into drugs and getting into trouble. Her mother is destitute working for a measly salary at a diner. The only support this family of losers has.

I wish I knew the rest of this story but I moved away to San Antonio and I probably will never see them again.

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  • I bet her "mother" and stepfather will call back once they realize that she's done alright for herself, hope she has let her kids know what's up, because if anything were to happen to her, you know her deadbeat parents are going to show up at the funeral with some sob story.

  • Your friend dodged a bullet, so to speak. It's heartbreaking how badly her family turned out but that does happen. I hope she doesn't get herself sucked back in trying to help. If her mother hasn't left her husband already, she won't do anything about it now.

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