I hate my wife

I hate my wife. It feels unimaginably good to write that after all these years.
I can forgive the cheating. I can adapt to the ever present alcoholism “anxiety” and verbal abuse. I even ignored the constant social media addiction. But the level of complete non caring towards the kids enrages me. I cannot stand it. I come home fix snacks wash clothes clean up and then start supper. She walks in immediately puts on unwashed sweatpants and starts drinking. Within an hour the screaming at the kids starts and then our cold fights begin. She hates them.
I wish she would simply disappear. She is toxic. I hate her so f****** much.

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  • Divorce her, she is not being a good example for your children.

  • My wife is like that. Smokes 2 packs a day if not more and 1 bottle of JD. Doesn't abuse the kids, but does let them do whatever, including smoke. So now I have a 10 year old and 12 year old who are both addicted and my wife couldn't give a f***. Divorce sounds good.

  • Divorce her as soon as you can, things will only get worse. The children will thank you for getting them out of that situation. I was married to a woman exactly as you just described. The fighting was constant , she drank and took anti depressants and would pass out nightly. It wasn't a healthy atmosphere for the children and when a ten year old girl asks you to please get them away from her the light comes on .

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