My long time Girl

I want to watch my long time girl of 8 years get seduced out of her panties and f*** another guy in front of me while I m********* watching. I want to see it all from making out to her p**** eaten, sucking c*** and every position. I know its weird but I think its hot!

Mar 10, 2018

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  • If you want to talk dirty about your girl, inbox me on k.i.k id Ken_Daddy01

  • I love watching mine with another man

  • I have done that with my wife and her lover. Nothing turns me on more than watching my wife in the arms of another man.

  • Very common fantasy for guys. The problem is that most wives don't share the same fantasy. Dont get me wrong, your wife wants to f*** another guy, she just doesn't want you there. It's just much easier for us women to f*** around on you guys behind your back. That way you don't get upset about something. Just tell your wife that you want her to have an open relationship and you will stay faithful. She will then tell you no she could never do that. And then one day she'll meet a guy she really like and she'll go back to his place and have s** with him. That's how it started for me, and now I just f*** around on my husband whenever I find a guy I like.

  • Yeah you are right I asked my girl if we could swap with another couple and she says no way I would be banging her and tell her her pu--y is hot and she could handle two more after I get off her she is squirting her juices all over my coc- and orgas-ing and this goes on for year or two and then she ask me how it would happen I tell her I can get it done so she is thinking about it I know now when we are banging it she has it in her mind and one day it juust might come true

  • You are so right on

  • Sounds depressing

  • Well that is the way it goes. Even if the guy doesn't give her permission she will still s**** around behind his back. Most women will at some point have s** with someone other than their partner, it is nature and it is in our DNA to have variations. Most women just won't admit they have had an affair. That is the reason statistics show more men have affairs than women. Truth be told more wome have had affairs because it's easier for women to than men. All we have to do is say yes to another guy. The guys have to find another woman that is not only willing to have s**, but also willing to have s** with a married man. Unless she's p***** at his wife or he is dropdead handsome, odds are she will tell him NO. Us women get hit on everyday and all we have to do is say yes to have an affair.

  • I agree with your comment about women either will or have f***** around. That is why I f*** around every chance I get. I know my wife f**** other guys even though she says she doesn't.

  • When do you want this to happen!? and is she willing

  • She knows and said if the situation ever presents itself she would be game, and I'm OK with it happening anytime.

  • Which country do you live in? Preferably city, and what are her vital statistics and likes?

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