Feeling scared about coming out of the "closet"

I'm 14 and every since I was 8 years old I knew I was homosexual I have a boyfriend in school, but nobody knows about it, in school he doesn't even look at me, but when I go to his house he's all nice and loving. But lately I've been thinking of telling everyone I'm gay, I'm horrified of what people would say not about me, but my boyfriend because nobody knows he's gay too. I need advice because I hate having to be somebody I'm not everyday of my life.

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  • When you come out, you don't have to out your boyfriend at all. Or if you feel that you may need support when doing so, maybe chat with him and find out if he feels ready to come out as well. best of luck

  • I am just like u u should HMU something so we can talk

  • That's a one way street. Once you come out you can't go back. Take it slow, and don't hurt you friend.

  • It should be Adam and Eve ALL THE TIME.... not Adam and Steve.

  • F***, I'm a male, I'd no more suck c*ck or push a bloke's s*** than jump out a helicopter at 3,000 feet without a parachute.

  • You should both jump of a tall building.

  • Don't feel like you NEED to come out. You're 14 and kids your age can be cruel. It's nobody's business but your own who you are attracted to. I'm happy that you realized at a relatively early age. I had to get married and divorced before I realized I was bisexual.

  • Once you've had a few d**** in your mouth, you'll feel better.

  • More like a few d*** up your a*** more like it.

  • Worked for you?

  • Aberration.

  • Nevermind & disregard these previous, liberal comments regarding your feelings. You should indeed feel horrified because you're NOT supposed to feel close, personal and attracted to one of your own s**. You were obviously brought up & conditioned inappropriately by bizarre people to feel the way you do. It is simply not natural to be attracted to the same s**. ONLY foolish & despicable liberals would advise you otherwise. Human genetic makeup is not naturally tainted for you to feel attracted to your same gender. Learn it once & for good ; homosexuality is a despicable, unnatural, behavioral disease that sick liberals try to pass off as normal when it is simply a boldfaced LIE.

    Seek professional counseling regarding how you should genuinely be reflecting your feelings toward boys & men. If they somehow don't agree wit my advice, they are freak q_u_ee_r_s themselves.

  • "Nevermind & disregard these previous, liberal comments regarding your feelings". So you think YOU know what's best for him? F*** off with your homophobic trash, and crawl back to the 18th century where you belong. People are gay. Get over it. It's not a new thing, people have been gay since the dawn of time. The only difference between then and now, is that people can talk about it without being punished.

  • Stfu

  • You're a pedophle so you can pretty much GFY as nobody cares what you think.

  • 'If professional counsellors don't agree with my advice (i.e. some completely random person on the internet), then they must be wrong' do you realise how stupid that sounds? I couldn't say "the world is flat and any scientist who disagrees with me must be delusioned or strictly wrong" and it would essentially be saying the same thing as what you are saying. Despite this, the world is still round, professionals generally know more about their topic of expertise than most other people, and it's completely fine to be of any kind of 'q****' identity.

  • Don’t feel the need to tell someone you will now when your ready at first I believe that’s how it is for everyone who’s special like yourself. I think they all are scared and hide their relationships but when your ready to let it be known you will know!

  • I myself wanted to wait until I wasn't 18 before telling my father or mother anything about my sexuality but I f***** up and fell in love with another person of my s** at 15, my parents found out soon afterwards. My father in particular isn't very open-minded and is extremely judgemental, so he was the worst to talk to, but he is still my father and he didn't kick me out. I go to quite a liberal school, so that's made it a lot easier exploring my sexuality. Maybe advice isn't to not label yourself as anything until you are absolutely certain, or maybe not even then. Labels can be restrictive and I've certainly had an easier time being able to be more fluid. Don't be be too nervous or you'll not have a goodnight time at all. Sending love your way

  • Please drink poison.

  • My advice is to not label yourself*

    Sorry about that, predictive sucks sometimes

  • Fair play and nobody has rite too judge..

  • Do not be ashamed son. Talk too your parents first. You can talk too this other boy in private ate. I also don't think you should tell others about this other boy yet. As you could ruin your friendship. There's nothing to do wrong with being gray. I've got a ten year old son and twelve year old daughter. I would not care what they do as long as they are not hurting others. I'd like too wrap my arms around you sweetie. Mom off two and hugs xxx

  • F***, I'm a male, I'd no more suck c*ck or push a bloke's s*** than jump out a helicopter at 3,000 feet without a parachute.

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