I'm not supposed to feel this way!!

I'm a girl and I'm addicted to lesbian hentai. I can't stop thinking about, reading about, watching it. I don't like REAL girls, if that makes sense. But I like celebrities and such. I like guys as well, but its like 70% girl for me. I don't know what to do. I HATE the whole idea. Its against God and I love my religion. If I told anyone they would hate and reject me. I LOVE my family and I would LOVE to just 100% love guys, like I'm SUPPOSED to. I wish I could tell someone, ANYONE and then I could talk about it. Its eating me up. I HATE this. I CAN'T like women. God made men for women. What can I do? I'm pretty sure i can just forget about women if I can find a really cool guy and just obsess about him. But no such luck. Maybe its my depression, maybe its my loneliness, mybe its because I just... can't take it. Not life, I love life, but I just feel.. burdened. I need to talk to someone, but i can't talk to my friends or family because everyone knows each other and it could lead to everyone freezing me out. I don't want that. I don't want THIS. I want to be NORMAL.

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  • Wow!!! That last comment was insightfull, refreshing and supportive. Since SHE covered all of those things, I just want to know what you look like.

  • The passages in the Bible that actually discriminates against homosexuality is flaky at best. You can either follow and believe in the Old Testament (which, amongst other things, makes it a sin to allow women to go through their period while still within the confines of their camp), or you can rely on the New Testament ones from Paul, which is a mistranslation. The original meaning of the words were condemning those who laid with male prostitutes (Paul was big on the whole "no s** before marriage" thing). The haze of time and the work of human hands gradually perverted it into what you can see nowadays.

    There is, frankly, nothing wrong with being gay. The most vital tenet of Christ's teachings have and always will be, "Love your neighbor as yourself." Everything else is superfluous and only serves to dilute and misappropriate the true message of love and forgiveness.

    Explore your feelings with introspection and try to see what your heart truly says. Don't be afraid of the implications of what you learn. You may or may not be gay, but you won't learn the truth of the matter by constantly trying to beat down what may be a vital part of you.

  • It is natural to be curious and sometimes the things that attract us is not exactly what attracts us but what is forbidden. It is one thing to fantasize and let your mind wonder and be curious, but another to act on them. Relax, enjoy your fantasies as your private pleasure and wait for the man that will enter your life when it is right; that person you can trust and talk to.

  • ^ What the f*** does that even mean?!?
    My retarded neighbor can express themselves better than that!


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