Feeling her up

There has been times when some of my female friends and family members get so intoxicated that I have been able to feel them up open up their clothing and suck on their nipples and finger them and I have taken pictures of them like that and they have no idea what I was doing. True story

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  • I sucked off my stepson one night when I was drunk and wasted. I always wanted to experience sucking on a good d*** so after my wife was sound asleep I went into his bedroom and he had a little p*** h****** and I pulled down his underwear and I was able to experience sucking on a d*** for the first time in my life. I was able to take all of his little d*** into my mouth and I really really wanted him to c** in my mouth but I think he was way too young to be able to c** yet. I sucked him off for about 10 minutes really going at it and I could feel him getting harder and harder and all of a sudden he started to pee in the mouth so I swallowed all of his hot pee and went back to bed and gave my wife a kiss on the lips with her son's pee in my mouth. From that day forward I've really wanted a grown up man to c** in my mouth so I can swallow his hot c**

  • I grew up back in the 70s when everyone was doing drugs. Luds was the thing on the weekends and they were so strong that half of one and a couple of beers was enough to knock anyone out. Me and my friends stripped so many girls after they passed out cold and we would eat the out suck on their nipples and have s** with them and they never woke up or had any idea what we were doing to them

  • That's what Bill Cosby just got convicted of and is going to jail for.

  • Happens all the time. I had at my hot older sister's body when she slept, or came home from partying and passed out in bed or on the couch so often, I got good at stripping her naked and putting her back together (mostly...I sometimes left her robe or shirt undone for fun, so she'd wake up and find herself all undone). Even got ballsy enough to do it to her when others were in the room, also sleeping.

    We were on the way back from a football game one time, with two others up front and us in the back, under a blanket. She fell asleep leaning on my chest, and, as the people up front chatted, my hands were inside of my hot sister's sweatshirt and down her jeans, having at her body as the miles passed. No one knew a thing.

  • Years ago I lived with my best friend, a young girl who was a lesbian. (Mostly). When she would come home from her drunken lesbian dates, I would go in her room, slide her panties down, and then feast on her dirty, sopping, dank p****, knowing that I was licking up not only her juices, but her GF's as well. Made me c** so good.
    Eventually, because I knew she'd get off on the idea (she's as much of a pervert as I am), I told her. She suggested I should f*** her, too, as long as I was there, plus she wanted to see if she would wake up.

  • Email me. We can talk. I have a similar experience. jcru69@mail.com

  • Power is so exciting. Being a little sneaky and naughty. So so hot. And these days it's seen as abuse. It's fun to take a pic when she's out cold of her open blouse with face visible and then show it to her later to see whether you can get another feel in exchange for not posting. That second feel is more exciting than the first one because she's having to say yes when everything in side her I'd screaming no.

  • I've never shown them any of the pics because then I can't get to do it again and they will tell everyone I know what I was doing to her however I have placed some of their nude pics in places like where they work so coworkers see them nude and I'm sure they j*** off looking at her nude pics OH and if she has a younger brother I make sure that he finds at least some of his sisters nude pics to enjoy. I'm such a pervert

  • People like you should kill themselves.

  • Thank you so much but I probably have your pictures to

  • Best I can get done is play with my naked wifes t*** at nude parties. She certainly is an ignigma. Actually shy by nature but will get naked in front of others but I know I am not to do that and only get away with it if she's been drinking.

  • This thread has two different lines. Both are really exciting. One thread is the physical violation but where the receiver is unaware. Really naughty. The other is where the receiver is kind of reluctantly accepting the deal. I guess there is a power thing but a deal none the less.

    I watched a guy put his hand down the blouse of a drunk girl one time and was a bit disgusted but didn't do anything and just watched.

    Another time I caught a teen girl smoking at our place. I have a fetish for pants wetting. She was wearing a skirt so I told her to wet herself. She was standing up. It was really awkward and the per ran down her leg into her shoe. Something I had not thought through. But I loved the thrill of the power. I was scared.

  • But it is exciting isn't it.

    I'm older and people in my circle don't get drunk and pass out like they used to. I now really enjoy bargaining or blackmail. If someone wants something I'll do a deal where I get to feel them up. The downside of blackmail is the word gets around and everyone avoids you so I only get very occasional opportunities to blackmail. I'm quite ok with spending money and time and effort on my side of the deal.

    I paid a kid private school fees for a year after the family fell on hard times. Once a month the wife would come and meet me. I'd run my hands over her and under her skirt and in her blouse. Then I'd tell her to strip. Then I'd run my hands all over her. The agreed thing was no kissing and no p****.

  • I've paid very young girls in the poorer part's of town to stand in front of my truck and pull up their shirt's and show me their t*** for $10. As young as 12 with nothing more than puffy little nipples

  • 12?? OMG does this really work?? =)

  • You are the man

  • For your kind information, that's a crime.

  • And what's your point

  • If it was legal to pay a 12 year-old girl to display her unclothed body, it wouldn't be fun and people wouldn't be so interested in doing it. But since it's taboo, it generates crazy interest. My girlfriend said she even searched it out on the internet, just to see what the fuss is all about. Which was kinda hot - because it was taboo. See what I mean?

  • It's a crime for a reason. YOU f*** up the child when you do that and corrupt them.

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