Ok, I'm 19 and a virgin. I'm not upset about it and I've made the choice to wait till I'm married, but the thing is I'm scared I won't find a good guy who is willing to wait for me. I know I shouldn't worry about it but I can't help it. I feel pathetic but everyone seems to have the idea today that if you don't hook up with a guy you'll never get married and that it’s not “normal”. It seems like that’s what all guys want in a relationship.

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  • WOW! What a bunch of uptight f****** PRUDES!

  • S** is a demonstration of the trust and closeness you feel from and towards another person. People who treat their bodies like an amusment park end up with babys daddys or mamas or a handful of abortions and a laundry list of STD's.

  • to some people it's more..
    get a brain honestly

  • Why the h*** does everybody think a hymen is made of gold?!?
    sheeesh!! It's just s** people!

  • don't lump all guys together. geez...i get tired of reading that s***. the "right" guy will wait for you to be ready. i am a guy and if you were the right woman for me, i would respect your wishes.

  • there are guys who will wait...
    i've had pre marital before... but my current gf doesn't so i gave it up to be with her... naturally it drives me up the wall sometimes but generally i manage to deal with it.

    i value her enough that i will wait to do it now....

  • dont let pressure get to u... its stupid...i felt like u did and i made a horrible mistake...i wish i could take it back....but i cant...i have to live with it everyday...just do it when ur ready...ull know when u r

  • Worring is like a rocking chair, it give you something to do but it gets you no where.
    Don't worry, just have fun was life as it is now.
    Fun as you define.

  • don't just hook-up with a guy because society or whatever deems it "normal" don't do what i did and give it up to someone who didnt even care about me. youll feel far shittier about it in the future. s** is very overrated, but it feels better if you do it with someone who will acutally be there for you. you dont have to wait for marriage per se, but if you feel as if you found someone who really cares about you and respects you, then you wont feel bad about losing your viriginity to that person. and when you get married years down the road, you can look back and be like well it was just s**, and you wont feel guily about it. i dont know if this is answering your problems but just know that do it with someone who will care about you after you have s**, make your emotions clear to him

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