I am a married man with a pretty wife but I love to have s** with men on the side. Love when they come
Last Sunday I went to a cruising spot and climbed in the back of a electrians van He set ona small chain and I sucked him hard and slow. Made him come so good. Swallowed and left to pick up my wife
Do that every chance I get.

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  • Met a guy early this morning that I’ve been chatting with for a few days. Left his hotel room door opened. I walked in to find him laying on the bed completely naked. Without speaking a word I walked over and took his d*** in my hand and slowly started stroking him. I knew he was going to get hard really quick so I slid down on the bed beside him and took his d*** in my mouth. I love the feeling of a duck getting hard in my mouth. I sucked him slowly at first and then he began to f*** my face. I knew he was about to c**. He grabbed my head and pushed his d*** as far down my throat as he could until I gagged. The second I gagged I felt his d*** explode down my throat. It was absolutely fantastic.

  • Had a good one yesterday. On a dirt road men go to hook up. Met a guy outside his car he put a condom on then fd my mouth so hard was on my knees while he thrust so hard my head banged against the car he came hard slipped it off and poured it in my mouth. Handed it empty to me Got in his car and drove away without even looking at me

  • I love to be treated like this. I hope you got every drop in your throat.

  • I have memories of the same thing. Before work he would pull up get out , I would suck him off then take the kids to school. Love sucking c*** outside on a gravel road!

  • A good friend recently found out his wife has been having an affair. He set up some spy cameras in their bedroom and living room hoping to catch her. He ended up wit a bunch of video of her sucking and f****** her co worker/ boyfriend. He stopped at my shop one afternoon and showed me the videos we ended up with our c**** out jerking off to her sucking d***. At one point I said I wish that was my c*** she was sucking ,next thing I know he is saying" this stays between us ok?" I 'm married and never in my life thought that at the age of 52 I would be getting my c*** sucked by another guy now I'm curious about sucking him but haven't gotten my nerve up yet to do it.

  • Do it. Nothing like feeling it pulsing while it’s shooting down your throat. I play with it in my mouth for a few minutes. Drives them crazy.
    One time I did that and
    He shot again with more than the first time

  • I am 53 this week and really want a white guy to suck my d***.I have f***** white women while hubbies watch,but none has sucked me.Maybe its time?

  • Sure f they are into watching they probably will

  • My wife loves to watch me suck d*** while we have 3 somes

  • Any married guys who wanna talk dirty things about 5ucking another co.kc message me. K.ik: Ken_Daddy01

    let's s.ext

  • I would love to chat about my w**** wife. She was a high school w**** and we lived an open marriage for 30 yrs. and i've s***ked a lot of c****. dharo51@aol.com

  • I'd love to chat with you message me taffall@protonmail.com

  • I'm like that too. Love too s*** off and swallow a guy a c**. Might have a guy over tomorrow.
    I wife knows and is fine with it.

  • She knows and it’s ok

  • Nice way to spend the day!

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