Married women/girlfriends

Any married women or girlfriends that want to get pregnant or had done this whith other guys or multimple men and their husband or boyfriend dont know about this ?

May 9, 2018

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  • I've always wanted to have a random man creampie me in my bed while my hubby is at work. I'm off three days a week. And guys out there looking to get a lonely wife prego.

  • To the lonely wife i would pound the f*** out of you anytime.

  • How old are you ? How do you look like?
    Maybe they dont know that they could cover the pregnancy as the married wifes will tell their husband is his baby and no one will get caught..
    Do you have anymore kids ?

  • I’ve gotten multiple wives pregnant behind their husbands back. And have gotten two girls pregnant who told their boyfriends it’s theirs and one got married while the other is engaged now.

  • Good job keep on going give me more details please it turns me on
    How do they look fat or slim ?
    What race ?
    IN what places did you f*** them in their home or where ?
    How old are they?

  • Sorry mate for the late response. Don’t usually come to this site.

    I like my women slim, but four of them were a bit chubby. Like plus sized.

    Most of them are Australian. Although one was Indian (late 20’s) and another was Pakistani (early thirties). I do like the Asian ones.

    I always make an effort to f*** them in their home, everywhere, all the rooms; if I’m going impregnate them, it’s always been on their marital bed. I once f***** a classmates (wasn’t really my friend, just pretended he was) mum on her sons bed. I take them to hotels if they don’t want to take me to their house at the beginning, sometimes s***** motels if I feel as though they’d get off to being degraded. And I only take them to my apartment if I actually enjoy their company, so far I’ve only found two legit friends.

    The wives range from late 20’s to early 50’s. The majority is pretty even with late 20’s or early 40’s.

  • Wow soo good man i wish you could get all the wifes and girlfriends pregnant I like it that they can be pregnant by you and you cant be caught because the husbands will never no hahaha...
    How many you got pregnant till now ? did they send you pictures with your babies ? I think will be very nice for you to see a family picture and you will see that you baby will look like you
    When you were cuming in them did they beg you to do it say to you c** in me ?
    What positions did you cumed in them ?

  • Yeah, it's crazy to think that not even one of the hubbies realised it's not their kid.

    14 different women, but 18 kids altogether. And they do send photos and videos! Especially on their birthdays and Christmas time. Occasionally I've even met them; either with them going to a cafe and I also go there, then I "randomly" start talking to the mummy, or they go for a walk in the park and I also go to that park for a jog.

    Of course. They all scream for me to c** inside them. Most of them shout for me to impregnate them. Only two so far didn't want to get pregnant but ended up accepting my sperm.

    I c** in every position I can possibly do with them, but missionary is my favourite position: Legs and arms wrapped around me, my hands holding their face or wrapped around their neck, staring into each others eyes with our tongues dancing together... that's when I j*** the hardest and most. Sometimes they place their left hand in between our mouths, and we both lick each others tongues while also licking the wedding ring.

  • Thanks for sharing youre experience Very good well done
    Are you white or black and youre age please ?
    The girls are from your country ?
    Where did you find them ? they post ads on internet or do you aproach them in the town or how ?
    Did some of them return for you to make more then one baby with her ?

  • Light brown and 24.

    Yep, they all live in Australia.

    Nah man, I don’t go near women who post ads on the internet. I meet them everywhere. At the gym. At the park. At the supermarket I see them carrying lots of groceries, I offer to help carry them to the car. At footy games where my team would play after the juniors, so while the kids are playing I hit on the mothers. During training nights I’d ask my coach if I can help the juniors, so at the end I start talking to their mums. See someone sitting at the foodcourt or a cafe by themself, and I’ll sit on their table and start chatting them up. On he train and they’re sitting or standing with me, I’ll chat them up. Or at an apartment, whether it’s my building or I’m visiting my mates, and I see someone attractive, I start talking to them. Doesn’t matter where bro, if they’re by themself, I make an attempt.

    Well I keep in contact with them, f*** them while they’re pregnant. Most of them say they want me to give them another baby in the future, if they do want more kids. A couple of them have actually asked me to give them another baby a few years later and I have. The first married woman I f*****, my former teacher, is the mother of my oldest child (6 yrs old) and another (3 years old), she wants me to get her pregnant again, either later this year or early next year.

  • Very good awesome so your goal is to plant youre seed how much you could for many years yes ?

  • I guess so. I mean it would be f****** epic if I have like 100 bastards, but that's not a life goal.

    Any more questions mate?

  • And I think its hot when the wifes show you the pictures and you see the baby looks like you yes?
    I wonder how the husband dont see that the child looks different then him

  • I an very curious how those women look like candyou please send me some pic with them or do you have social media of them I promise I just want to see how they look nothing more

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