My first always the best

I want to confess that the only reason I dated an ex-girlfriend of mine was because of her younger daughter Jessica 7 years old. She was a gorgeous little girl lovely blonde hair going halfway down her back she had the most tight firm beautiful little round ass I've ever seen she stood about four foot and she was all lovely shapely legs. She had a beautiful face lovely little lips that are always wet and moist and beautiful green eyes with these nickel-sized nipples. The first time I seen her I wanted her so bad that I went to the extreme of getting to know her mother dating her mother and ultimately moving in. This took over a year which was fine with me as got to watch her grow a little before I got a chance to even try and train her. There was this one time before I moved in when she was almost 7 her and her mother had been evicted and I got them a motel room to stay in till we found a place and one night she got all f***** up passed out hard little Jessica was fast asleep to. I took that opportunity to caress Jessica all over and when I rubbed up her inner thigh and got to her p**** I sleep in her panties to the side part of those p**** lips and seen the most beautiful pink p**** I have ever seen. I knew at that point that I was going to have this little beauty for the first time for both of us. She was definitely a solid sleeper as I proceeded to rub that little p**** as I was standing over her head and putting my c*** in her mouth her lips were so soft and I couldn't help but think that when I do her conscious how good she is going to be at sucking my d***. I was so excited that it did not take long at all before I had to head of my c*** rubbing her p**** coming all over it. I will continue this in another confession session



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  • Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm lovely , 7yr old c--t is sweet

  • Ok I didn't bother to read past the fact that this child was 7 with a tight firm ass. Upon reading that far I'm mature enough to know how screwed up the rest of this is going to be. It doesn't matter if the story is true or fantasy it's sick. Those who get off on this behavior, weather its reading about it, watching others do it, or actually doing it yourself, need to be in prison. This is sick. Children are innocent and should remain that way. They aren't brought in to this world for some sick bastards twisted need to feel in control. If that's the only way you can satisfy yourself you don't deserve to breathe. I can support many different lifestyles. I don't have any issue with any specific race, religion, or anything else. I don't have any issues with heterosexuality or homosexuality. It doesn't matter to me if you have one partner or a hundred but when it comes to children that's pathetic. You are taking away their choice, their life, their voice, their childhood. You are taking away their ability to ever truly trust someone else, their ability to allow themselves to be loved and connect with someone else the way they should be able to. The decision to have s** should be made by you not for you. No one has the right to take that choice from anyone of any age especially not from someone who isn't old enough to make the choice for themselves. I would kill someone that even tried to harm my child. It's people like this that makes single mothers stay single.

  • You started so now finish it and f*** her daughter, it got me so h**** i went and f***** my daughter now she sleeps in my bed and she takes my d*** every night.

  • How old is your daughter?

  • Ten..

  • Good girl let daddy f*** your tight hairless p****

  • The..

  • How old and Im a mom and my boyfriend and i bought sleep with my daughter. What's your little girl look like..

  • Fancy sharing your daughter

  • You male or female..

  • I hope the police track you down soon, you paedo! Nothing on the internet is really private, didn't you know?

  • I'm wanking over this. Your a legend, well done mate

  • Wanting over what..

  • That you f***** a gorgeous kid, it's every man's fantasy and you've lived it

  • This "story" was already posted in the s** category. But in the other post she was 5 . Said he had a 8" d*** and in his words she took it b**** deep like a champ. Sorry bud this is completely made up . No 5 or even 7 year old is going to be able to take that much d*** inside them especially the time he says he took her virginity. And the "story" ended with her mother catching him in the act. Apparently this was a very recent thing but for some reason he conveniently left out was how if ge got caught red handed he wasn't arrested or charged . I 100% believe this guy is a pedophile or at least would be if he had the chance but based on his telling of the "story" I don't believe he's actually gone through with anything like this .
    Strange ... makes no sense to confess to committing an act of pedophilia . Sounds more like a story he wants to happen rather then 1 that did . Also he's clearly never been with a virgin of any age because if he had he would have some idea of how hard it is to f*** a virgin p**** . On the other hand maybe it's his d*** size he's lying about and man would it have to be unbelievably small for him to have s** with a virgin and it go as easily as he says .. He makes this "experience" sound like he f***** a woman who only f**** guy's with c**** 12 inches or bigger . WEIRDO!

  • F’ing lowlife P.OS.

  • This is probably a pedophile fantasy and none of this is going on. The UK has an effective CHildreach program that helps children protect themselves from predators like the OP.

    ONe call to the police and this predator would be off the streets.

  • It's nice to think that, isn't it? Programs like Childreach and CPS (here in the US) have been around a long time now. Like every single other public program, it's badly run and underfunded. Also, a kid can't be protected if no one steps up and intervenes or reports.

  • You are a child rapist with sick mentality

  • She's a dream doll and I'm doing stuff with my stepdaughter over two years now and she's ten in three weeks time..

  • Where from ?

  • UK and yourself...

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