Sniffing knickers

The other day some boys that I know were joking about how they would like ** themselves while sniffing girls knickers. There is one boy that I would love to see do that with mine, but I'm too shy to mention it to him.

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  • Ive wanked to plenty of my buddies older and younger sisters knickers.. even licked a few. Charlotte, age 12 was the best

  • Is there ever any juices left in them

  • Love sniffing a pair of knickers

  • I sniff my girlfriends dirty knickers every night i like to sniff ** then rub the wet gusset on my **

  • Do girls get embarrassed when guys see your panty gusset that stained with your discharge and creamy **? Yes it does stand out especially on black ** but it’s great! I love looking at the stains and the shape and position. Then I fantasize how the panty pulls up the slit and seeing a large deposit where the ** area is

  • Yesterday, walking home from school I finally plucked up the courage to ask him. It was strange because as I asked him it was me who was embarrassed, but once I put the question to him it was him who was embarrassed. I got the feeling that he'd lost some of his bravado without the other boys being there. Anyway eventually we went to a place where we couldn't be seen and we did it. We've even agreed to do it again. It was wonderful.

  • You need a spanking otk ** down until you are red raw

  • Looks and sounds like this was written by a 40 year old guy!

  • I love it that you asked him if he wanted your used **, you obviously wanted him to ** over you and smell and taste what your juicy ** is like in reality

  • Don’t be shy and embarrassed, it’s a compliment, you should feel proud that you have such ** appeal. It’s the thought of being close to your ** and enjoying the scent of a woman

  • Ask him again. Follow your dreams

  • If a girl asked me if I wanted to sniff her ** I would be over the moon

  • I would ** the ** out of your knickers then shoot my load in them,

  • Ownership

  • I fixed it so that I walked home from school with him. I asked him whether he'd meant what he said. He didn't say yes but didn't say no either. I told him it would be good fun if a boy did that. I was hoping that this would make him ask me, but he didn't. I don't know whether to mention it again, but now I can't stop thinking about it.

  • I'd love to sniff your dirty knickers and taste your ** juices in them , id love you to watch me lick them clean

  • When I was a kid I would sniff my sister's ** - she would even pass them to me to sniff when we were getting ready for bed. I wasn't attracted to her or anything, I just loved the smell of her **.

  • She should have her knickers taken down for a good spanking

  • Would love to sniff them to after school

  • Wear them for two days

  • Just say 'I'd love to watch you ** while you sniff my knickers'. He's just waiting for you to say it.

  • Do you post your knickers

  • You need someone willing to sniff them with you' first, and you can grow in confidence

  • I would love to taste your young ** from your knickers

  • I love looking at the creamy white stains on the gusset and imagine how wet your lips get. Then I sniff them to get that musky sweaty unine combination and lastly I lick the crusty discharge or of it’s still warm and damp I put the gusset in my mouth and ** that creamy nectar. A bonus is finding a couple of her ** and it confirms my curiosity of how her ** looks in her **

  • How old ru young lady.

  • Take one of your ** and give them to him.Say it is a gift from you.

  • All boys love walking into girls knickers

  • I will sniff your knickers

  • Well worn gusset and seat

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