I don't know

I'm 15 and I have clinical depression, it's rather debilitating at points but at other times it's okay. I'm in love with a girl the same age as me and I love her more than anything but she doesn't feel the same way and it kills me (if I could marry this girl, I would, that's how much I love her) and the only thing that actually makes me feel better in my day to day life is masturbation but the problem is that I l*** for this girl too much when I w*** so I end up wanking over her but I don't want to w*** over her. sometimes I w*** over my friends that I think are beautiful but whenever I c** I feel so bad that I wanked off to their pictures. I don't know what the h*** is wrong with me…


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  • I am sick of hearing about weddings, especially celebritites and royals. I think they have a hide expecting the rest of the world to be happy for them, would they ever be happy for me to marry? no. so why should we care about users and takers and criminals ? I hope someone rapes them at their wedding and ties them to toadpoles and throws toads at them and cuts their genitals off for being so dirty minded. making love is not a thing or sexy and special. its just f****** and its dirty mind that even thinks about it and certainly sinning dirty souled people who f*** and marry and pull this game of "oh but we are so in love" you are just seriously dirty minded with a mental illness and should be locked away.

  • Sory ur daft but thats life i doubt any girl wil bother wit u keep wanking

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