Hate it

I hate sucking D***'s. My hubby all ways asks me to do it. And most times I do but I rather just have s**. He always let's me start then when he gets hard he pushes it deep down my throat while I gag and choke on it. I don't mind doing it but he's 11 inches so I would really prefer not to. I think the worst part I hate about it. Is the fact that when he c*** he all way does it all over my face. I rather he just did it in my hand or on my chest or belly. Sometimes I wish he would just find someone else to suck it.

Jun 13, 2018

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  • A true gentleman never asks for a b******. And he never goes down on a woman with any expectation of her doing it in return. I never ask for b*******... and I get blown all the time -- because there is no pressure that she do so.

  • Enjoy your time with hubby. It's like a law that they earn b*******. Take him in a little at a time esch session. Use the flavored s** juice that could help with throat numbing and taste of c**.

  • Stupid b******. All who are commenting here who don't like the c-o-c-k are latent lesbians....and you're also INVITING infidelity! Dummies!🖕🖕🖕
    Hope he cheats on you with a prostitute with AIDS and brings that home to you. Think about that and proudly SUCK that d-i-c-k to make him happy and at home.

  • You're nuts.

  • If guys didn't e******** it wouldn't be so bad, but the taste of s**** makes me want to puke.

  • The smell of c_u_n_t isn't always the best...but we do it, right?
    S-e-m-a-n is why we're here, dumb girls.
    Jeez, after a hour on this site, it doesn't take much confirmation that women really are the most SELFISH self centered WHINY f-u_cking creature on this planet. And the most ignorant too.
    His s**** tastes bad for one reason- his diet. You can easily remedy that yourself through careful research. instead of p****** and moaning to strangers over the Internet or comisserating to your equally selfish gfs.
    I believe the OPs issue is that she's really a nasty a-s-s good for nothing lesbian.
    Women quite literally invented complaining. What a sad, pathetic and disgusting gender.

  • Aww, is the little incel feeling bitter? Jesus, for someone who claims women "quite literally invented complaining", you've taken it to the next level. Eat a couple of Midol, buy yourself some nice pink pumps and get over your loser self!

  • ^^Agree 100%^^ My bf wants me to swallow, but to think that I'm swallowing something he made in his warm b**** triggers the gag reflex. No way. It's disgusting.

  • It's a damned self centered man that coerces his mate into taking his c**!

  • I feel you. I don't mind sucking my boyfriend's d*** until he starts trying to choke me with it! I do it because I love him though.

  • Then he should NOT CHOKE THE S*** OUT OF YOU because he loves YOU! Damnit I NEVER pushed myself on ANY woman...NEVER demanded servicing of any kind all my life and I never got considered suitable husband material so now I sit at 63 f****** fed up with women and I hear s*** like this! What the h***? Should *I* have been an a****** too? That seems to be what you women want.... is an inconsiderate j*** of a man who is only concerned with his own pleasure! F*** ME!

  • Awww.....

  • Wish I was in your place. My hubby has a small model and I wish I had your hubbies 11inch magical wand to play with.

  • Maybe. But not the way he uses it. He's so rough and always want deep oral and a***. Rarely puts it in my pu$$y

  • Swap it you two

  • I am man...even i don't like going down to my girl's p**** as i am pretty bad in it....but i f*** her very intensively and she rolls in pain so inorder to make her happy and relax i lick it....I really need to learn p**** licking

  • I only suck d*** when my hubby and I are doing 69. Unless I'm getting stimulated too, sucking d*** is really boring and a chore.

  • I agree.

  • Would be with someone that's unwilling to give head

  • I'm the same. I sucked a boys d*** when I was 14 and hated it so I decided I would never do it again. Since then I've just told each guy that I've dated that I don't do bjs, and if he isn't happy with that he can walk. Most guys have been happy with it. The irony is that I love to have a guy go down on me, and nearly all of them have done that even though I don't go down on them.

  • News for you. Your a selfish b**** and they are definitely getting head elsewhere

  • He's rough. Makes me choke and sometime I vomit in my mouth. And when I do he doesn't stop. It just gets him harder. I'm not a b!tech. I still do it

  • Most times I have to suck him. I make him return the favour by riding his face hard and squirting in his mouth

  • Can u squirt in mine

  • I'm not. I said I do it sometimes. He just gets so rough and like to pump my throat.

  • Who cares ... I'm getting what I want at that's all that matters.

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