Need protection at night

I wear diapers to bed, with plastic pants. Have been wetting for more than 20 years, and need protection to get a good night's sleep. Normally, it's a disposable but if I have chafing, I wear cloth pin-on diapers. Some things don't change from when you're a toddler, I'm afraid. But I do sleep comfortably.

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  • I wet the bed until I was 14. Really embarrassing, and prevented me from sleepovers with my friends. I'm assuming you have a sleep disorder. See a specialist. Even in the '80s, sleep specialists treated me with a mat and a bell that would ring when I wet. I'd wake up, clean, go to bed again. Eventually I got out of the wetting habit.

  • I love the feel of the plastic. I don't recall how young I was but I remember running my hands over the plastic pants when I was in bed. Sometimes I'd pull back the bottom sheet so I could sleep on the plastic mattress cover. I don't recall being a regular bed wetter. Just mom was like worried about protection and accidents. Sometimes when it was really cold in winter I would wet so I didn't have to get out of bed.

  • I need a mans protection at night. I am so neglected.

  • Pick me baby

  • May I be of some assistance?

  • It's so nice to half wake and feel a full bladder and just relax. No need to get out a warm bed and fully wake up and have the light in your eyes and then get cold and then have to go back to sleep.

  • Get some coconut oil and rub your creases daily it will help prevent chaffing.Get some protective bed pads just in case your pants do not absorb all the urine.
    I have that with my wife at times that even the most absorbent of pants is not enough.

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