Need protection at night

I wear diapers to bed, with plastic pants. Have been wetting for more than 20 years, and need protection to get a good night's sleep. Normally, it's a disposable but if I have chafing, I wear cloth pin-on diapers. Some things don't change from when you're a toddler, I'm afraid. But I do sleep comfortably.

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  • I am 14 and still bedwetting from puberty.i have been wearing cloth diapers and plastic pants to bed every night for over two years now.Yesterday,i made my First Holy Communion with the 7 year olds and mom put the diapers and plastic pants on me under my communion dress to make me feel little girlish.She loved having me in my white dress and veil on mothers day!

  • I am commenting because this sounds like my story as well. I have been wearing cloth diapers at night for about 20 years. it all started as the result's of my sleeping problem. I take seeping pills to help but it still takes me an hour or two to fall asleep. When I get up to pee the clock may at times start again and I get a bad night sleep. I started wearing diapers as an experiment and had to learn to relax and let go. Now it has been so long that I sometimes wet my diaper and don't even know it. I am 62 and will be in diapers the rest of my life. I cant say that it bothers me at all because I actually find them comfortable and relaxing. The only issue I have is washing them. I don't use a diaper bucket because of the smell so I through my diaper in the wash every morning. Disposables are not an option, they just don't hold as much.

  • I wet the bed until I was 14. Really embarrassing, and prevented me from sleepovers with my friends. I'm assuming you have a sleep disorder. See a specialist. Even in the '80s, sleep specialists treated me with a mat and a bell that would ring when I wet. I'd wake up, clean, go to bed again. Eventually I got out of the wetting habit.

  • I love the feel of the plastic. I don't recall how young I was but I remember running my hands over the plastic pants when I was in bed. Sometimes I'd pull back the bottom sheet so I could sleep on the plastic mattress cover. I don't recall being a regular bed wetter. Just mom was like worried about protection and accidents. Sometimes when it was really cold in winter I would wet so I didn't have to get out of bed.

  • It's so nice to half wake and feel a full bladder and just relax. No need to get out a warm bed and fully wake up and have the light in your eyes and then get cold and then have to go back to sleep.

  • Get some coconut oil and rub your creases daily it will help prevent chaffing.Get some protective bed pads just in case your pants do not absorb all the urine.
    I have that with my wife at times that even the most absorbent of pants is not enough.

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