I dont want my gut

I am 300 pounds and i hate my gut. At one point i took a knife and tried to slice it off... I got caught and was taken to the hospital. That was a year ago. I know it is something i could probably get rid of just with dieting and exercising but i also have bulimia. I tried telling my best friend and she laughed at me saying it wasnt possible because im obese. I hate myself more than anything in the universe

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  • For argument sake, how would you feel about if you met someone who was into big guts and into you? Would that change your opinion of yourself?

  • As long as the gut wasnt more of a focal point than a plus for them it would be great!

  • You want to be desired as you are but not limited to being a mere fetish. There's a grey area in there that you'll have to explore. Go on one of those dating sites for plus size people but make it known clearly what your limit is. You'll have to go through some rough people to meet the right one, but they are there. I'm not saying that dating is THE answer, but meeting someone who is into how you look (but not just your Look) can boost your self esteem enough that will encourage you to try other self-esteem boosting activities. Good luck.

  • I will definitely try that out. Thank u!

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