scary addiction

I am a teen guy who likes to try on girls clothes. I have no sisters and would never go near my moms clothes. However I do live near a beautiful teen girl who is my age and I have known for a long time. Many times I walk past her house thinking of what it would be like inside. (ive been in before but never alone) so I started going over and knocking on her door , hopeing no one would answer. Then one day nobody was home so I let myself in and made my way to her room. I got naked and started going through her drawers it was better than Christmas for me Ididnt know she had so many thongs I put her under wear in my mouth and got in her bed naked I tried on entire Outfits of hers my favorite was the very tight jeans. Since that first time ive only gone back a few times but it is always amazing to. I feel like I have viloated her when I'm done so I always leave 100 dollars in her room somewhere. I'M SORRY

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Ask her to suck your d***, and she will. But after that, say goodbye because she's moving to NJ or somewhere. Happened to me. Sort of.

  • if i may it sucks that he did this but at least it's money however beating the s*** out of him may be more satisfying also guy you need some help and back to the female get a gun and don't leave your house or hire some one to watch your house


  • omg.. you perv! this is you doing this to me?
    how could you!

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