It hurts

Ive tried to kill myself 13 times and every day i fight to keep from making it 14, just to give you a small glimpse into what makes me this way, my dad left when i was only 5 and my mom was a drug addict, so i didn't have a great home, i was raped when i was 9, my dad popped back into my life when i was 17 i thought it was gonna be great but nope, he was a piece of s***, he would drink so much and black out and one night he rapped me, he is a big guy so i couldn't do anything, Ive been homeless on and off since i was 13, so yeah please don't think I'm just one of those kids who hurt themselves for no reason

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  • He rapped with you, was it fire

  • Please never ever do something like this.

    Life is the most valuable gift anyone will ever receive
    Just please find help

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