Am i below, above, or average?

Im 14 and 6.5 inches when hard. Is this average or not? Will i be able to pleasure with 6.5 inches? If i wrap my hand around it my fingers almost touch. Should i be embarrassed?

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  • Sounds about right I'm sure you'll be fine. Have you ever checked out the size of your buddies c****? You could always have a c********** and check out your friends c**** while you're all hard. I'm 8 1/2" and pretty thick but I'm a pretty big guy 6-5, 240 lbs. And I've noticed lots of guys smaller than you who've f***** my wife have really pleased her. When I was around your age a friend of mine suggested a few of us play strip poker. After we were all naked he ask if we knew how to j*** off? We all said yes but he wanted to see saying he bet he could show how to make it feel better. He was 19 so we believed him.

    So we all start to stroke our c****. One by one he'd remove our hand and he'd start stroking us. It felt weird but kind of hot. Then he ask if any of us had ever had our c*** sucked? We all said no. So one by one he sucked us all off. He only did it this one time but we continued over the next cpl of years to j*** off as a group and within a few months some of us were jerking each other off. Then a cpl of them approached me away from the group wanting to suck my c***. I later found they were sucking off all the guys in the group but only one on one. But I think all of this made us all comfortable about our bodies. And though I'd never suck a guy off. I'm comfortable with letting a guy blow me.

  • I'm in my 30's and you're about an inch bigger than me. You sound thicker too. Get to 18 and my wife will probably open her legs for you.

  • I just mentioned this to my wife, she reckons you'll be 7.5-8 inches when your 18. She got quite excited about this, she is currently 33 and hasn't been with a guy that much younger than her. She said when you were 18 she would make me pick you up, bring you home and she would strip you ans start riding you. She would make you c** within a minute. She rides like a professional w****. I've seen well hung men lose it in seconds with her. You will get all day to f***, she'll let you f*** her any way you want while I watch and she tells me how big you are compared to me. She might even let you slide into her ass. And you can come all over face and t***, which she never lets me do. Then while I'm dropping you back, she'll suck you in the car and flash her p**** when we drop you off. She is now using her 7.5 inch d**** imaging it. S***.

  • Just to add to this, my wife found this so h****, she f***** her 22yr old colleague tonight, he was a thick 7inches, my wife made us compare d**** and made me answer which d*** she would rather f*** so I sat and watched. She said she was thinking of him being younger and longer. She came several times with him.

  • It's a good size.

  • I'm 15 and 5.9

  • My wife would probably like you when you're legal too.

  • That is just fine. There are guys out there with 8 inches and are lousy lovers.
    You need to learn that vaginal intercourse isn't all there is. Oral s**. Mutual m***********. Look at or read erotica together. Something should be done before intercourse and is called Foreplay. Never forget the foreplay.

    Now go do your homework. Remember this for 3 or 4 years down the road. Use condoms.

  • Bet lmao thx

  • Adding to above comment which is actually covered in foreplay....a gentle bite on nipples

  • Look, don't take these postings seriously. Instead, try to remember your own imagination as well as a million others [demented or not], trying to express. One can draw no conclusions from such.

  • You’re perfect

  • Shut up kid ,go to your room and do your homework

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