Why so angry

Last night me and my best friend were nailing our gf's, Somehow we managed to get them to both put out in the same room, started out with side by side b******* under blankets then he started f****** his gf on the floor and I was f****** mine on the couch, He f***** his gf missionary with a blanket she was holding around their wastes and he pulled out coming on her stomach, I had mine face down and pulled out shooting my load on her ass but the first splatter bounced off her rock hard ass and hit my buddies gf right in the face.
Bahahahahah, She was talking to him and had her mouth open, She says my load landed right on her lips and in her mouth, My buddy jumped up saying "what the f***", She laid there frozen with her legs spread and I got to see her freshly f***** p****, She gagged HARD and spread her legs before he threw the blanket over her and she rolled over kicking it off, I put my still hard d*** back in my gf from behind as I watched her bum jiggle while she walked to the bathroom screaming "What in the f****** (GAG) F***".
He looked at me and I looked at him then we both started laughing, My gf was like "Ugh...What...Just...Happened" as I tried to keep f****** her, She rolled me off and sat up, My buddy was looking right at her p**** as she sat there with her legs apart and him sitting on the floor then she said "Hey...can you stop staring at my p****" and got up going to the bathroom.
Me and him both laughed and after I explained to my gf that it was an accident and just poor positioning with her ass in the air and her friend in the line of fire then she understood but his gf is still super p***** that she swallowed a load of my come and that I came on her face, Oh well, F*** her she'll get over it.

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