You're an idiot.

One of my Facebook friends posted something about how World War II will start when girls get jealous. When somebody said that WWII already happened, she answered "Who cares?" I f****** do idiot. Do you even know how many people died? 72 F****** MILLION. You're an ignorant f*** and I have never wanted to b**** slap someone so hard. I hate you. It's f****** annoying how you can get along as ignorant as f*** and not care. It's not cool. I'm sorry for the language, I'm really p***** right now.

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  • And now you know how intelligent people feel when illiterate people flash an attitude about their $hitty spelling or grammar! Annoying, isn't it? Especially with that extra topping of "f** u im smart n idc bout no spelling".

  • Submit her asinine comments to where a lot of the idiots from facebook are exposed. Then make sure she knows it's there.

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