Going to jail to pay off a fine

I acquired a HUGE traffic fine awhile back. How huge you may ask? A thousand dollars, that's how huge. I'd prefer not to say what it's for. Just know I wasn't driving drunk or anything like that.

As a twenty-something woman with a s*** job and next to no savings, I've got no way to pay this off. My traffic court date is approaching and so I've decided to go and ask the judge if I can serve jail time in lieu of paying the fine. I've looked into it and I'd be credited a hundred dollars a day, so it'd only be in for 10 days tops. I've told my boss about my situation and he's agreed to let me use my paid vacation time. And he's assured me this won't affect my chances at promotion, so that's good.

So, it looks like I'll be going away soon. *Sigh* I still can't believe I got myself into this mess.

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  • You're an imbecile. Embrace it!

  • You're female, aren't you? Just go in there in a low-cut top with your tittays flopping all over the place, and turn on the faucets at just the right time.

    If you don't want to go down this particular female route, there is another one that is even more popular. You don't mention kids, but the judge doesn't have to know whether or not you have any-- just bawl something incoherent about "children".

    Tears, tittays, and toddlers-- the female trifecta of Getting Out of Everything Free.

  • Just ask the judge if it is possible to put you in a jail with a hot female sheriff

  • Maybe you can ask the judge for volunteer/community services work to help pay it off..it couldn't hurt.

  • With respect to your "permanent record" (yes, there are such things), a big fine won't be looked at in the same way that jail-time will be. You need to find a friend or friends, or a family member or members, and get together what money you can get and pay this thing. You're young and this albatross might well hang around your neck forever. Even if you are ultimately able to get it expunged (a possibility), if your job prospects improve (a distinct possibility), you will begin filling out employment applications or loan applications or government security clearances that ask about your criminal record: don't allow yourself to have to explain why you went to jail, even if it was only for ten days. Get a postponement on the sentencing hearing, get a second job (and a third), and gather enough money to get out of the trap. Your future will be better and brighter if you do.

  • When did you get paroled?

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