No strings oral

I'm a female college student and there is a guy who is not my boyfriend but he really enjoys giving me oral s**. So once or twice a week I text him and he comes to my room and I let him go down on me. It is the best way for me to o*****. We don't do anything else other than oral and when I've c** the arrangement is that he leaves. This really works for me because having a regular boyfriend would get in the way of my studies whereas this way I get pleasured whenever I feel h**** without any relationship complications. It also works for him because it means that he gets to lick a girl's p****.

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  • Totally understand. In HS I used to go down on this one female weekend after weekend in her car. We both had boyfriend/girlfriend. I totally enjoyed it and I was happy just being able to eat her out since she came from a much better upbringing and I was Hispanic and she was white. I remember her c****** much harder and deeper than the girl I was seeing and I loved it. Somehow I thought one day I would be able to get my c*** inside of her. Her and her boyfriend eventually break up and she eventually goes off to college. It was fun while it lasted

  • I wish I had a college student to eat

  • This is hot i wish i had a situation like this tell me how you guys met and how it it come to this great situation where he gets to lick your sweet p****?

  • I can be your man who eats and drinks your p**** juice everytime you want. 27 (6.5") muscular and with great tongue abilities.

  • My ex was like you. We aleays started with oral then deep hard f***. Your situation is called "friends with benefits" and as a single happy man now I hope to find one girl like you.

  • Not all women want their p**** licked.
    Dont ask me why, I have no idea. But I had s** with this woman one time ( we were both married, but not to each other) and she just wanted s**. She wouldn't let me go down on her, eventhough I tried several times. She just wanted to f***. Bad thing was she has an awesome sweet smelling p**** and I really wanted to eat her out.

  • It’s the biggest turn off when a woman won’t let me go down on her.

  • Yeah, kind of killed my mojo too and s** wasn't very good. Then she acted like it was my fault she didn't get off. I'm like b****, you should have let me eat your p**** then.

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