I like a girl but she has a boyfriend.

I am great friends with this girl in my school. She told me that she kinda likes me and I really like her. I'm 15 and she is 14. She has a boyfriend who hates me because he's jealous tht she was hanging out with me. She has had some relationship trouble with her boyfriend but they always get resolved. I really want to go out with her. But I can't if she has a boyfriend. I get depressed all the time because she's someone elses girl. I really need help. Do I just stay friends with her or do I try to take it up a notch and make myself better than her boyfriend?

Jan 27, 2011

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  • Staying friends with her will hurt while she has a boyfriend. There are two ways that pain might end. 1. You get over her. 2. You get her to go out with her. Working towards one end kind of messes the other to.

    If you want to try to get over her then you should stop being such a close friend with her. Still be polite to her, but treat her as an acquaintance or not so close friend. You should give up hope of being with her, try to talk to her less, see her less, remind yourself of her imperfections and the things you don't like about her, and keep your eyes out for other girls. Also, just try to keep your mind busy from thoughts of her by working hard to improve yourself, being a successful person etc.

    If you'd like to hold out hope for getting with her I would stay close friends with her, be sweet and charming, and flirt with her when she allows it. Watch out though, this is risky because if she stays with her boyfriend during all of this it will hurt a lot. Try to distract yourself from the pain of not being with her by, again, working hard to improve yourself, becoming a successful person etc. This will not only distract you from the pain, but it'll make you look like a cool independent, ambitious/passionate person in her eyes, and work towards making you a better person in the future.

  • You are safe. The girl is yours. Just don't rush things - tell her you want to be her friend, and wait. Spend time with her when you have the opportunity, but don't make your move yet. Her b/f will go crazy, and they eventually will break up b/c of jealousy. Now, you'll make your move - you'll offer her great support and take her out. When I was in college I waited 3 years for a girl do date some guys she liked, and I couldn't sleep well when I knew she was with them those nights, but eventually I got her and she's now my wife of 6 years. It works.

  • she most likely wants you, but doesnt want anythin bad to happen to her bf. i would kick it up a notch, just dont make her feel uncomfortable!like ask her if she wants to hang out, as just friends. o, and wait for them to break up. i know this from experiance.
    good luck ;)

  • Don't let it get you down. Stay friends with her. Until that boyfriend is out of the way, you're in the friend zone. Take some time to get over her..and find a new girl. There are probably tons of girls at your school. Maybe in the next couple of years you'll have your chance with her, or even find someone better, who's actually available.

  • Well, she sucks!! You gave her a chance and she chose her bf. Get rid of that s***, you don't need it, there are other girls in the world... Instead, go buy yourself some ice cream and cry yourself to sleep. Or forget about it all, I don't really care...

  • so you want to put your c*** in her boyfriends ass.

  • haha

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