I like peeing myself

I love peeing in my jeans, skirts, leggings whatever then masturbating after

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  • I will gladly pee on you if you like. Then I will lie down and you can pee all over me. How about a pee fest and jerking off I spooge all over your naked body so you can lick it ups.

  • Ever since I was a girl I've loved to pee in places that I shouldn't … on train and bus seats, in elevators, on back stairways of buildings. It is just the thrill of doing in public places where I could get caught.

  • It adds to the thrill. You go panties less?

  • Always. It is the feeling of peeing in places that I shouldn't that I like, rather than the feeling of peeing in my pants which I actually find uncomfortable.

  • Weird thing is I find it a real turn on to wear diapers and wet myself. Even to wet my bed. It is a real turn off to imagine my gf doing it. So I figure me doing it in her presence would be a turn off too.

  • Its sore daddy and my mom is come up too me with my aunt. I love you so much daddy xxxx

  • Let us cuddle and take care of it. I love you so much daughter.

  • You are here and what happens. I was crying all the time. I thought you left me and did not care. My new sister and nurses and even mom and aunt said whats wrong. I told them I was sore and wanted too go home daddy. The nurses and my sister said Im good and brave. But then mom said too me real quite if I dont stop carry on then she will give me a spanking. Dont go again please. I love you so much daddy xxxx

  • Oh sweetheart I love you so much daughter and I had trouble getting to you I missed you I was crying also. I hope that no more obstacles.

  • Very hot !

  • When I was a kid 8 to 10 I think. I used to deliberately pee in my bed. No s**. It was really cold in our house and I would wake up and rather than get cold I would just pee. It felt warm and actually good in a prepubescent way.

  • I used to wet the bed on accident about every night till I was 11 or so, and lots of nights after that. I used to m********* in bed and when I got older and it got messier and more obvious, sometimes I'd pee in my bed afterward to hide it. I don't think I really had very many "accidents" after I turned 14, but I still wet the bed 3-4 nights a week, sometimes because I didn't want to get up, sometimes to cover up that I had c** in my sheets, and sometimes just because it felt good. Sometimes I'd wake up in the middle of the night and lay there and pee in the bed, then have to m********* to get back to sleep because I was so excited.

  • I wear adult diapers. When I get stressed sometimes I even start to panic then I just close my eyes and relax. So nice. I remember this idea first hit me in grade 12 at school in an exam and I started to panic because I could not work out how to do something. I was a straight A student and here my mind was blank. I was panicking and almost wet myself. I was then distracted by having to control the reflex causing my to wee. When I got home I burst into tears and told my mom and said I had probably failed. In reality even if I had gotten zero for that question I would have still been top of the class. Then when the next exams got close I started worrying about worrying. I told my mom I was scared. She bought me some plastic pants. No disposables in those days. So practical of her. The weird thing was I was so worried that they would leak that I started practising wetting myself. I found that I needed padding to absorb it. By that I mean you couldn't have wee sloshing around. From then on whenever I had a potentially stressful situation ahead of me I would wear my plastic pants and absorber. Now days I use disposables and wear them pretty much all day every day just in case

  • When I was 12-13 and still wetting the bed a lot I would "test" new nighttime diapers I'd gotten by putting one on and holding my bladder until I had to go really bad, then laying on my bed and letting go. I did it like when my dad would order samples of new diapers, sometimes like 6 or 8 different ones, before he bought me a case of them for my bedwetting. I'd test them then tell him which ones fit best and worked best and were most comfortable.

  • I love peeing in front of my boyfriend while he masturbates and then letting him lick me clean.

  • Don't you want him to drink it?

  • I'd love him to, and he would like to, but he doesn't think he could.

  • Why not?

  • The taste.

  • It taste fantastic! Shame he can't learn to love it?
    Can't you squirt?

  • How do you feel about peeing on somebody else? Or letting them drink it?

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