I like peeing myself

I love peeing in my jeans, skirts, leggings whatever then masturbating after

Sep 8, 2018

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  • I went DIY shopping in a large superstore yesterday. I wore a short fake leather skirt with nothing underneath. Each time I bent down to select something, the back of my skirt rode up. Everyone could see I had no knickers on. By the time I had almost finished my shopping I desperately needed to pee, but there was no customer toilet. I hung on for a short time, but it was getting really painfull
    Suddenly a spurt of pee came out and ran down my leg. This was quickly followed by another and another. I couldn't hold on any longer and totally wet myself in front of everybody. A couple of women took pity on me, but secretly I really enjoyed it. I hope to do it again soon.

  • I wet myself in McDonalds yesterday. I was wearing a short skirt and no panties.While sitting at a table I needed to pee, so I just let go where I was, Soaking everything. I just didnt bother. When I left my skirt was soaking so everybody could see what i had done.

  • I have a short PVC skirt that I wear when I want to wet myself in public. I wear it with no knickers. (Don't wear them anyway). My favourite method is to hang on for as long as possible and then to release spurts as I walk along. Usually it just dribbles down my legs, but occasionally a larger spurt will come out. Everyone will see as it sprays onto the ground. Wonderful feeling! Holly.

  • Went supermarket shopping yesterday. I wore my PVC skirt and no knickers. My bladder was bursting as I hadn't peed all day. As I went around I kept on letting out small spurts onto the floor. It got more difficult to control them and as I got to the check-out it started to pour out. I couldn't stop and made a big puddle on the floor. Super! Holly.

  • I went for a long walk yesterday. I wore my PVC peeing skirt and no knickers. I desperately needed to pee when I left home, but I was determined to hold on as long as possible. I managed to walk about a mile before it became almost impossible to go further without wetting myself. There were numerous people about, and nowhere to go to pee. I started to let out a small spurt. It ran down my leg to the ground. This was quickly followed by a bigger one, and before long I was letting go a torrent leaving a wet trail on the ground as I walked. I totally emptied my bladder as everyone looked on. Fantastic! Holly.

  • Yesterday I went for a ride on my bike. I wore a short skirt and no knickers. It was a nice spring day and I cycled quite some distance before turning for home. I didn't visit the toilet before setting off, and on the return trip I felt the need for a pee. I decided to hold on as long as possible, and if necessary I would wet myself as I rode along. About two miles from home I had to pass through a village. By now it was impossible to hold on any longer and it all came out. I was leaving a wet trail as I rode along. It was spraying everywhere for all to see. I totally emptied my bladder. I was soaked from the waist down, and rode home with pee dripping from my wet skirt. Total Joy! Holly.

  • Saturday was a lovely spring day. I decided to go for a walk in my local park. I wore a short button through denim skirt and no knickers. I left several of the lower buttons undone so as I walked it opened up almost to my pus*sy. As I went through the gates I let out a small spurt of pee which dribbled down my leg. As I walked along I kept on letting out more spurts. There were several people about and no doubt some of them saw what I was doing, but I didn't care. By the time I left the park I had completely emptied my bladder and the bottom of my skirt was quite wet. Superb! Holly

  • I love the feeling of a full bladder. I always hold on as long as possible, and then only let out a small amount. Wearing a skirt and no panties makes this quite easy.

  • I'm 17 yr old boy, I have the same problem, I wish I had a gf that had this same issue

  • Im a twenty year old girl. I love to pee in public. The feeling of holding on until I can't keep it in any longer is exquisite.
    I always wear a short skirt and no panties so its simple to just let go. I've done this in all sorts of places, the park, shopping malls, town centers and at various exhibitions. I often pee on public transport abd bus stations.

  • Im a similar age to you and love to wet myself in public places. I wear short skirts without any panties all the time. In the morning I will get up and go out without visiting the bathroom. My bladder is quite full and soon Im getting desperate to pee. As the pressure builds it becomes very difficult to hold it in and soon involentery squirts begin, usually small ones at first which dribble down my legs. Its now beginning to get difficult to walk, and each step causes more pee to escape. Suddenly I can't hold back any longer and a torrent pours out onto the ground. Everyone can see what has happened. I begin to cry and sometimes someone will offer to help me. This is all part of the plan. I love to appear innocent and upset by what has happened, but really Im on the verge of an org-asm.

  • I am male, wear tena when out walking so I can wet myself. In garden I just wear jeans and when I need to pee just let it flow

  • I like the feeling of a soaked diaper /depends.

  • I love soaked adult cloth diapers,

  • I love to just pee in my pants and put 5 or 6 pairs of underwear on and have a full on wet in them but what do I do with them after? Hide them? Wet them again? Throw them away?

  • I do the same and save them to do it again and I love the smell of urine soaked diapers and clothes.

  • I did that for a long time. Just needed to pee myself. The mess afterward was a challenge. I hid them several times but I know they were found a few times. No one said anything, but I did feel ashamed. A little. Still love to pee my self.

  • I love watching you pee your jeans

  • I'm sitting in my car waiting for my son to have a tooth pulled and I just peed my pants.

  • I’d like to wear your warm urine soaked panties afterwards.

  • Ever since I was a girl I've loved to pee in places that I shouldn't … on train and bus seats, in elevators, on back stairways of buildings. It is just the thrill of doing in public places where I could get caught.

  • I do very similar things. Just love to pee in what most would call inappropriate places.

  • It adds to the thrill. You go panties less?

  • Always. It is the feeling of peeing in places that I shouldn't that I like, rather than the feeling of peeing in my pants which I actually find uncomfortable.

  • Weird thing is I find it a real turn on to wear diapers and wet myself. Even to wet my bed. It is a real turn off to imagine my gf doing it. So I figure me doing it in her presence would be a turn off too.

  • Yeah, probably not good. Unless she is in to seeing you wet yourself. It's just as fun when its exclusive.

  • Its sore daddy and my mom is come up too me with my aunt. I love you so much daddy xxxx

  • Let us cuddle and take care of it. I love you so much daughter.

  • You are here and what happens. I was crying all the time. I thought you left me and did not care. My new sister and nurses and even mom and aunt said whats wrong. I told them I was sore and wanted too go home daddy. The nurses and my sister said Im good and brave. But then mom said too me real quite if I dont stop carry on then she will give me a spanking. Dont go again please. I love you so much daddy xxxx

  • Oh sweetheart I love you so much daughter and I had trouble getting to you I missed you I was crying also. I hope that no more obstacles.

  • Very hot !

  • When I was a kid 8 to 10 I think. I used to deliberately pee in my bed. No s**. It was really cold in our house and I would wake up and rather than get cold I would just pee. It felt warm and actually good in a prepubescent way.

  • I used to wet the bed on accident about every night till I was 11 or so, and lots of nights after that. I used to m********* in bed and when I got older and it got messier and more obvious, sometimes I'd pee in my bed afterward to hide it. I don't think I really had very many "accidents" after I turned 14, but I still wet the bed 3-4 nights a week, sometimes because I didn't want to get up, sometimes to cover up that I had c** in my sheets, and sometimes just because it felt good. Sometimes I'd wake up in the middle of the night and lay there and pee in the bed, then have to m********* to get back to sleep because I was so excited.

  • I love the feeling of peeing and laying in it also!

  • I wear adult diapers. When I get stressed sometimes I even start to panic then I just close my eyes and relax. So nice. I remember this idea first hit me in grade 12 at school in an exam and I started to panic because I could not work out how to do something. I was a straight A student and here my mind was blank. I was panicking and almost wet myself. I was then distracted by having to control the reflex causing my to wee. When I got home I burst into tears and told my mom and said I had probably failed. In reality even if I had gotten zero for that question I would have still been top of the class. Then when the next exams got close I started worrying about worrying. I told my mom I was scared. She bought me some plastic pants. No disposables in those days. So practical of her. The weird thing was I was so worried that they would leak that I started practising wetting myself. I found that I needed padding to absorb it. By that I mean you couldn't have wee sloshing around. From then on whenever I had a potentially stressful situation ahead of me I would wear my plastic pants and absorber. Now days I use disposables and wear them pretty much all day every day just in case

  • When I was 12-13 and still wetting the bed a lot I would "test" new nighttime diapers I'd gotten by putting one on and holding my bladder until I had to go really bad, then laying on my bed and letting go. I did it like when my dad would order samples of new diapers, sometimes like 6 or 8 different ones, before he bought me a case of them for my bedwetting. I'd test them then tell him which ones fit best and worked best and were most comfortable.

  • I have found that there is no adult diaper that can hold my pee when I need to go really bad. Better to just wear a heavy diaper and not try to control myself. So often when I stand or move in a certain way I can feel it, the urge to pee and I just let it go. It's always small amounts. The relief is always so wonderful and I really like the warmth I feed. I can that way for hours. My panties (diapers) will get soaked eventually. I try to change before it gets to heavy with pee.

  • I love peeing in front of my boyfriend while he masturbates and then letting him lick me clean.

  • Don't you want him to drink it?

  • I'd love him to, and he would like to, but he doesn't think he could.

  • Why not?

  • The taste.

  • It taste fantastic! Shame he can't learn to love it?
    Can't you squirt?

  • I've been drinking my own pee for over 40 years now.

  • How do you feel about peeing on somebody else? Or letting them drink it?

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