This girl asked me to go to homecoming as "friends". I told her maybe because i didnt wanna say no i felt bad and dont like hurting others feelings. I dont like her but its pretty obvious she likes me and i dont wanna go to homecoming with her. By the time this post is up homecoming might be in about 1 day or 2 but for now its 6 days. I have no clue how to let her down considering the fact that she already bought a dress for homecoming. How do i tell her?? Or should i just go even though im going to hate every moment of it?? Please help.

Sep 16, 2018

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  • So i did it and she said it was cool, oof

  • Don't do what I did. Same scenario as I wasnt into her and said yes anyway. I stood her up and avoided her the best I could there after. At a very large party all most the size of a small music festival I was jumped by 3 guys. They beat me up something terrible until someone came over and ran them off. I learned after that she asked these guys to beat the sheet out of me. And they sure did.

  • Now im more ** to tell her thx bud:)

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