dream street

Last night I had a really interesting dream. I went to this place and sold my car like three times? I kept getting it back and reselling it. Then I traded cars with this girl and sold it, and got it back then she bought it back from me. The most weird part though was I went into this place which was also like school and I was totally f****** high. I don't smoke weed though. So I was really upset about it, or as much as I could be while still high haha. Im freaking out and Im like omg what did I do? So I realize I have a s*** load of weed, like probably a half ounce, and it's amazing weed. Instead of it being purple, it's pink hahaha. So Im running away from my school because Im like if I get caught with this Im f***** and Im like I don't even want this, I want to get rid of this as soon as possible because I ruined my sobriety. I ran to this hill where there's a bunch of people just chillin and Im like hmm I wonder if there is anyone that would buy this cause I could make a bunch of money, and I spy one of my old friends that would jump at the opportunity to buy weed like that, and he always had money. So, I tell him I need to get rid of this, not if he wants to buy it, and he tells me to throw it over the edge of the cliff. This hill that were on had a huge cliff on one side that is like woods, so I throw all my weed in there, but it lands on a fallen down tree. So we start throwing old bananas at it? There are only two more bags on the tree so it go walk over there very carefully and try and knock them down by hand because what if someone from school sees and tells on me?

I don't know what the f*** that is supposed to mean, but I felt to violated and angry when I figured out I was "high" in my dream. I have been clean for almost seven months, and that was just like a huge punch in the face.

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  • Dreams can be totally random, though sparked (heheh) from a related situation. Did you tell some lies lately?

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