My little bambi

I’m so h**** at night masterbating wasn’t enough, so I signed up for a sewing class and got good at sewing after a while a went to Kmart and found a stuffed bambi I took her home and I sewed a vag ina on the backside, I love tearing that doe’s p**** apart every night I love my little bambi, she gives me great head too!

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  • You are a little puss, Jeeves.

  • You sewed a hole for a fleshlight ?

  • No, I made an atomically Correct version of Bambi with a v***** looking up charts and sewing it out of fleece so it’s easy to wash just goggle bambi with a v***** and see the first image

  • I take it that you realize that the character bambi was actually boy ?
    That minor detail aside, what was a gender neutral stuffed toy is now a female doe. I have to admit, with that facial expression, - I would.**-doll-5451-1279210116-2.jpg
    She is just asking for it.

  • Hilarious!

  • #sickfuck

  • Hey it’s cheap, clean, safe s**, and not hurting anyone, everyone is guilty of something what about you princess

  • I think it is very healthy of you, and it speaks volumes of good things about your character. You are to be praised, commended and highly respected for not being afraid to show your love for a doll. That Bambi is a doll, a stuffed doll and throughout history and around the globe girls of all ages have been encouraged and expected to play with dolls, including showing open displays of love and affection for their dolls. You, sir, may I please call you 'Sir', please? Please? I really like addressing all guys as sir because it makes me feel wonderfully emasculated. I am not at all surprised to find out Bambi is trans because I'm trans and older ladies often call me 'Dear'. If I may ask, just how did Bambi come out to you as trans? Like, were you out to dinner on a date and she came back from the restroom saying stuff like "It is weird using the ladies room with a DIK."

  • Nah, the whole idea is just severely effed-up.

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