I'm 27, but have been breeding since I was 19

My first experiences were in college while experimenting and pushing limits with my then-girlfriend. We were both pretty freaky, and we often had threesomes and group s** parties with close friends and total strangers alike. Most of the girls at the parties (including my girlfriend) were natural c** junkies, and loved the feeling of a guy c****** inside them in particular.

I was having a threesome with my girlfriend and of the of girls we had met at a party, and I came really hard inside my girlfriend. There was a lot more c** than usual, since I had been saving it up for her, and she had felt the difference. But instead of keeping it all to herself, she proceeded to push some of the c** up out of herself, take a big glob of it on her finger, spread our friend's p**** really wide open, and let the c** fall inside.

She did this three more times and it was amazingly hot. Long story short, they both got pregnant (which was extremely unlikely and totally shocking, but happened nonetheless). Both of them got abortions, but since then, I've helped three of my friends get pregnant by organizing and taking part in breeding parties for them, and I've also met up with a few couples - one couple who was organizing a breeding party, and two other couples who simply wanted their k** to come from someone else.

Breeding is an other-worldly experience, and is the ultimate act of surrendering yourself to a lover. Some of the most amazing s**** in the world are girls who love being bred - they allow themselves to so fully let go of their bodies and give themselves to the men they're with, some of whom can be total strangers, that they are willing to take a man's seed and have their c***d. It's the truest expression of being a s*** and/or a slave.

Oct 3, 2018

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  • I saw my first wife years after we got divorced,wish I'd kept in touch. She told me she wanted 10 guys at once,all black,she got into bbc after we got divorced. She always wanted a baby,not me,but I would love to have helped her get bred and all that bbc there yum. I would gladly help get any hard that needed help. Love to have some right now.

  • I want to enter and spank every f***** one of them

  • Love a bit of breeding fun . Very taboo and enlightened at the same time

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