I envy girls that can squirt

I wish I could squirt my p**** c**. As I rub my c*** and watch in the mirror, I can see my c** percolate a little, seeping drops that flow down my pink l**** but, that's about all.
I've watched a girl plunge herself with a huge d**** and then pull it out so she could spray 3 or 4 squirts all over and it just soo turned me on.

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  • I looooooooooooooove having o******.

  • Squirting is actually just a more intense o*****, so if ya wanna, go get a real tounged guy

  • FAKE AS F***.

  • No its not! i hate it, but i am a squirter, im sure there are fakes out there but women do squirt, and alot.

  • How much do you squirt? How long have u been squirting?

  • By asking that you've just outed yourself as someone too terrible to use wikipedia. Gratz' bro.

  • You shouldn't want to at this young, you at least need to wait until your 18, at least

  • Squirting p****** are the hottest!! I hope you can do it some day. They have diagrams on the net showing spots to touch that will stimulate your gspot to make u squirt.

    A 13 yr old girl squirting, highly doubt it!

  • I hate peodifiles^^^^^

  • -------> the only girl i have ever seen squirt was a 13yo girl that i was playing with for 3 years ;-]

  • I so want to do it again. a lover once brought me to a squirting o***** but it hasn't happened since. I know now he was messaging that very spot while he was licking and sucking me. He denied me the pleasure of actually seeing the spurt though, since he sucked at me as though I were a fountain. He's back in England now so, oh well..

  • What she is doing is stimulating her g-spot. you can squirt get on line and you can learn how

  • 2nd comment: would that make me squirt?

  • The c*** is half of the target you should be working for. Also stimulate and rub your g-spot on the top side about2 or 3 inches in. Work on both.

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