I love to share my wife's naked pictures with strangers

I love to share my wife's naked pictures with strangers and hear their comments. I also like it when they repost her pictures elsewhere on the net, and in public places for all to see for not long time.

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  • I’d love to see. Varityconsulting@gmail.com

  • Love to see and comment on your wife's pictures.


  • I like sharing nudes of my virgin fiancée. I get off on how studs tell me how they’d deflower her!

  • I shared my wife's pictures to random homeless men in the mid 50's and early 60's and my wife is only 35. Vietnamese with 34 D t***, and I show them her in her lingerie when she was in her mid 20's too, it totally turns me on.

  • So send me some.... ill shoot loads on them and send them back ;)


  • #metoo...... amitthakur53@gmail.com

  • Thats..... dhenydavid05@gmail.com

  • I share my wife’s pix on websites all the time. She has no idea. Some of of her clothed, some nude/in sexy clothes, some of me f****** her and her sucking my c***. She has always asked me to never share these pix with anyone. They are ONLY FOR US as she has said. But they are too hot to not share. Guys j*** off to them all the time. F**KING HOT!!!

  • Good for you ido the same with my wife’s pictures and guys love j********** to them as well.

  • Send those pictures to me @ stultz3583@gmail.com

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