November 1st, 2018

That is the date I've been contemplating my suicide. My daughter's birthday is on the 31st. I'd hate for her to have to remember that after her day... but I also don't want to miss it. I've had to live without my Mother for 7 years, now. I wouldn't want her to go through the same thing, but I hate the way my life is. I hate the turn its taken... definitely for the WORST. I've been heavily thinking about doing this, way more often than usual as of late. Sleeping pills & wine would be my way to go.

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  • Let me f*** you then you can jump off the cliff thanks

  • How would you feel if your daughter walks on your steps after your suicide?

  • To everyone else who has offered words of encouragement, thank you. I don't feel as badly as I did, when I posted this.

  • I rest my case. I knew it was a bullshit story!
    Sorry honey, you can't bullshit an expert in the field of human psychology.

  • OMG NO....I wanted to attend your funeral , this cannot be....die please I beg you

  • If you take your own life, you are inevitably sealing your own daughter's fate, who will be much more likely to take her own life as a consequence of your suicide. The way you feel now can change, you just need help.

  • You need to get help with all this

  • I call bullshit. Those who actually intended on taking their own life will not tell anyone. YOU are just looking for attention or a rise out of others on this site. So again, I call bullshit. Sit down a shutup fool.

  • I agree with you those who want to do it won’t say it she is writting her which means she is still in some kind of hope or expectation. To OP death in anyway is painfull

  • Shut up, troll. That's what this site is for... to confess things you wouldn't be able to tell anyone in real life. I don't need to explain s*** to you.

  • If you're the OP, and you suggest that you are, you are pretty feisty for someone who wants to end it. Another reason to call bullshit on your story. So again, shut up and sit down fool.

  • Very well just die no one really cares

  • Please don't do it. I don't know what your daughter's age is, but please think of how distraught she'll be -- for the rest of her life -- if you take her mother from her. There are ways to get out from under the burden you're carrying around. Get some help. Call a hotline. Tell a family member. Talk to a friend. Go to a free mental health clinic. Check your insurance to see if you are eligible for psychiatric or psychological assistance (you probably are, though it may be limited). But please, whatever you do, do not take a step -- any step -- that cannot be untaken. There are people who NEED you to stay here.

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