Jamie Risinger

I am a 33 year old female from Louisville, KY. No one knows about my secret and I figured that I would confess it here because it seems ligitimate enough so here it is:

I love to walk around the office when my nipples are hard. It gets me off knowing that both men and women stare at my t***. Sometimes I will go to the restroom and purposely make my nipples become erect so that everyone can see them poking through my shirt.

I work as a secretary for a very reputable company in Louisville and there are many people who pass by my desk during my shift. I absolutely LOVE the fact that no one mentions anything to me about my b**** despite the fact that my nipples are clearly visible.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • i naturally have large nipples that stand out on their own and purposely go braless to drive men crazy.

  • This is not a "TRUE CONFESSION". What I would really like is for the b**** that is jealous to come forward and say it in person, instead of impersonating someone else, and making a fool of herself on the internet. OH, by the way stupid ass, im not 33. Get your facts straight before you go running off at the mouth.

  • i wonder if they are going to fire you, it would seem to me they have no respect for you , even enough to tell you that you are inappropriate, i am sure they don't want a lawsuit but they may fid a reason to downsize you , i think it sick that women like you think it's okay to be exhibitionist , while if a man did the say thing you would say he is sexually harrassing you , i think most women are like spoiled little kids , they want it all but don't want to put anything into it ...wear a bra and repent .....i think you will be the first one to cry rape if some sick pervert molested you after fantasizing about your b****** , and claim you did not provoke him.....

  • i wanna see

  • find some self esteem lady, they're probably not staring because you're hot, but instead because you're gross.

  • cuckoo.

  • My wife has breast fed our two children and so, her nipples have changed a lot. It doesn't take much to make them perky, and when they are perky... whoa. I think her Mom has even made comments about them, but what can she do? She's already dealing with nursing bras and dealing with nursing in public... does she need to censor her t*** too?

    You sound kinky. cool.

  • seams natural to want to showoff. just don't be offended when you get a comment.

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