Feeding my husband

I want to breastfeed my husband. I want my t*** to squirt milk into his hungry mouth as he sucks on them hard. Every day when I am home alone after the kids go to school I lick my nipples so they are all wet and starting to harden and then I put on my little nipple suckers so they get long and super sensitive. I keep them on most of the day which makes me so h****. It's only been a week but I can feel my t*** changing, tingling getting ready to make milk for him.
When I get all h**** and go upstairs to get myself off I think about laying back in bed, with my husband sucking my nipples and drinking my milk while I stroke his c*** with the fleshlight I bought him.
I hope he wants to do this too... he seems to love sucking on my t*** as much as I love it.

Sep 28, 2012

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  • I have been inducing lactation to feed my lovers for months now. Never had kids so always wanted to and do now. The connection and intimacy is great and you get to play with his hard c*** as he drinks from me. Nothing like it ladies!

  • I would love to try it with my wife, but she's a little hesitant.

  • I always loved sucking my wife's milk when she had it and miss it now that she doesn't. I think it's the sexist thing ever. It sounds like two two are having some real fun!

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