I want a girl to eat me

I want a girl to eat me out so bad. I don't really trust guys to. I am straight but the thought just turns me on. All I want is a girls tongue all over me.

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  • My daughter is hot.

  • I have a 9yrol daughter who would love to eat a girl

  • Have you eaten her ?

  • You are Gay. No shame people explore but you said you WANT, desires of the flesh. No need to feel ashamed

  • When I was at school a girl said that she wanted to lick me out so I let her. It felt good so I let her do it again multiple times. After we left school I didn't see her for over five years and then we met by chance and she mentioned how much she'd loved going down on me, and so I agreed to let her lick me out in the back of her car. It was awesome. We now see each other about once a month, and she not only licks my p**** but my butt-hole as well. She will even drink my pee if I want her too. I have a boyfriend but I haven't told him about my meetings with this girl.

  • I love to hear about people having fun s**!!

  • You don't trust guys because our society and the media have tried to convince everyone that men are evil. I'm not saying that all guys are great and trustworthy, believe you and me I've had my fair share of a****** boyfriends. But the point is there are nice guys out there who truly do care about women. Please don't listen to the media or society and keep looking for that guy who makes you happy. In the meantime, there is nothing wrong with experimenting with women. I experimented with women when I was in college, I also found out that I was definitely NOT gay.

  • I'm a grown woman and have always wanted to explore my lesbians side

  • Eat mot daughter

  • Can i just eat your pink flowers while you get entangle with each other ?

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