worried what he wants........?

i have only ever been with 2 guys so far and my bf now is great. but sometimes when he is down on me he wants to slide his tongue up my other hole. i mean i really love that and i love the way it feels. but my gf tells me that if he does that to me he will soon enough want me to do that to him and i just dont ever think i could. so i always end up stopping him from doing that particular thing with his tongue up my other hole even though i want it. i really want him doing that i just dont want to have to do it back to him. it worries me that he may think i am a dull prude and he will go find another girl to do everything. it worries me a lot cause i dont want to lose him so i dont know what to do.

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  • Sit on his face and grind away till you squirt all over him. only do what youre comfortable with....and no more xx

  • Not into giving or receiving when it comes to that. Bleh!

  • I agree too, great fun to do,gets me very hard, but not interested in having it done to me. Sit on his face hard, both p**** and a*** and ride him!

  • Maybe he is "submissive".
    Don't just let him do it, demand he does it. Try spanking him too. Submissives like to be challenged and they like to serve.

  • There's only a decent small batch of guys that are into getting their ass licked. A lot of us don't care about that & only interested in being with a girl who will let us do that to them/fulfill our every desire. Don't worry too much about him leaving you - if you both are happy together and he's happy being able to do that (and anything else he'd like to do) to you, that's all that matters. Also, I think it's disgusting for girls to do that anyways, just because girls holes are cleaner & actually look delicious. All I ask from my future girlfriend.

  • I agree with this fellow^. Most guys don't want to receive that; they only want to give it. So, relax. Enjoy it. Let him eat EVERYthing.

  • (:D)

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