Hes cheating but Im crazy about him

Im 18 and hes 36. We were dating for 7 months and our relationship has been amazing. Ive never met someone where I felt this passionate with during s**, he buys me so many gifts and takes me on trips. There is no doubt that he loves me, but a few months into our relationship I found out that he is still talking to his ex girlfriend. I asked him about it and he said they are just friends and I dont need to worry. Well I found out that they are still having s** too. Nothing is wrong with our relationship and I give him everything he wants, b*******, a***, and kinky play but Im still not enough for him! We get along super well and we dont fight. Eventually my jealousy took over and we started arguing. I finally decided to break up with him and told him it was because the cheating. We broke up on good terms and agreed to take a break from all the arguing and he said he will contact me again in a few months. While Im happy we are in good terms, I feel like he is going to find someone else and not get back with me. He still looks at all my instagram/snapchat stories, not sure if that means anything. Should I just contact him first and get him back now? My brain is telling me not to go back because he secretely hurt me so much throughout our relationship but my heart says yes because our chemistry was so perfect. I guess Im more so asking for advice.

Oct 30, 2018

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  • I am a 17 girl and madly in love with a 31 year old guy!I met him last may when i was 16 and finially made my First Holy Communion and he was the son of one of my dads co-workers and came to my party.I was dressed in the parish required First Communion outfit-the white,poofyshort sleeve,top of the knees communion dress and veil with the white tights and white 'mary jane'shoes and had the required white tee shirt with the cloth diaper and plastic pants on under my tights.I was feeling somewhat little girlish in my outfit and he started talking to me and complimented me on how cute i looked! He was a really nice guy and very funny,making me laugh and feel good about my self.The more we talked,the more i felt myself falling for him!After my party broke up,he actually kissed me good bye and told me he would text me! So our relationship started and i had to lie about seeing him to my parents! We have been keeping our relationship a secret since then and now next month it will be a year that we have been seeing each other and i am happy so far!

  • This is a you are now an adult situation. When and if you get hurt only the adults in the situation are the only ones to blame. Don't give up your own years that he has on you. Live and f*** all the guys you can like he f***** all the girls he did during 10 plus years he has on you.

  • Very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very romantic, and super, super, super, super, super, super, super, super, super, super sexy. I'm really impressed that you went after him and you got him (I really LOVED the coat story!!). And that's the reason I think you should just go and get him back. But tell him......NO MORE S** WITH THE EX!!! Tell him he's your property and he'll do what you say. You're the boss and you control him! Don't let him eff around anymore. And tell the b****-ex to stay away......OR ELSE!

  • You are just his plaything, his sugar babe! If you want to become HAPPY for real, you should get away from him. He's much to old, he's manipulating you and using you for his own desires. I know, you dont want to her this, but 18 to 30 are a big gap in life experience.

  • If you want it go for it, I am now 28 and my husband is 42, He was married to my sister and she left him. He always treated me like gold so I showed up at his house one night once the divorce was final wearing just a long coat, Dropped it at the door and rocked his world. We had some stumbles along the way, He hooked up with my sister a couple times I know of, She wanted to get back with him or at least back at me but I won him back (Took me and a friend to do it) but it was so worth it, We have 3 wonderful kids, My sister is remarried and has 2 kids and we are all super close.

  • Would you be willing to share him with your sister?

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