F** I hate black people



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  • F*CK YOU Huckaboo !!!

  • Why is this confession, posted under the category "Embarrassing Confession"? The op doesn't appear embarrassed about their confession, what do you people think?

  • IDK how half of these "confessions" get classified. There are ones under Funny that are anything but, just as one example. People seem to think they're a lot funnier than they actually are. Or maybe reading comprehension is too hard. There are a lot of dumb people hanging around here.

  • Not as bad as purple people. F*** them and their share of the electromagnetic spectrum.

  • Https://

  • Me too. F****** jigs need to go back to Africa seen as how they miss it so much.
    Well all but their women. I love f****** black b******. I show them what a real man is with a real big d***. Not the bullshit myth about blacks having big d****. Ask any black woman and they laugh saying they never seen any. That is until they see mine.

  • Your mom's d ick is bigger and doesn't have as many warts

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