I am so frustrated! When I married my wife and I had a great s** life. To spice things up even more we took different men into owr bed from time to time. I have NEVER seen my wife c** so hard as the night my very large black friend hammered her p*ssy for an hour. It was amazing watching his nine inches putting her in pain that. After while she grew tired and we stopped. I miss watching her ravaged by monster black c***.

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  • Why do you put asterisks instead of letters? Annoying, unnecessary. S**. S**. S**, s**, s**, s**, s**.
    See? You can spell the word in full, and you won't go straight to h***.

  • It's the website that does that.

  • Go back to Africa n*****. You f****** apes aren't wanted here.

  • What a hateful sack of s*** you are.

  • Quit being such a pea-brained a**hole.

  • Ask him to f*** her again.

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